11/2/09 forecast

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 November 2, 2009

The sand is blowing down the beach at Rooster, the Stevenson sensor is reading 23, and the thermometer is reading a touch below freezing. The windchill is 16 degrees. That means it’s time to get on the water!

High pressure in the desert tomorrow combines with low pressure off the coast for a bigger east wind day. I think 30ish at Stevenson is a reasonable forecast tomorrow. Hopefully it won’t be as chilly tomorrow morning (the forecast low today was 43, and it’s 31, so NOAA blew that one).

In other news, the mountain bike report has confirmed reports of Surveyor’s, Fall’s Creek, Hospital Hill, Buck Creek and Syncline in perfect shape. I’m hoping for Post tomorrow after the dry air has a chance to suck the moisture from the soil.

Models show dry weather (with a slight chance of showers) through Friday. This is going to be the best week of biking this year. Get out an enjoy it!

Have a great day today!