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 October 8, 2010

Good morning!

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It’s a bit grey and gloomy out there this morning, with occasional showers sliding along the Columbia and not much wind. Occasional squalls will swing through today, bringing tempting, but short-lived wind. You’ll be better off riding your bike or going for a run today (and the chilly air will make you feel like you’re working less hard).

Tomorrow looks wet and not very windy, but Sunday sees a strong cold front swing through. The temperature difference between the warm and cold sides of the front will generate strong winds through the Gorge Sunday afternoon. I’m going to recommend some preemptive driving on Sunday, as the best wind in the desert will only last 3-4 hours. As soon as you see the clouds start moving and breaking up above Hood River, start driving to Arlington or Maryhill or maybe Doug’s. It should be blowing 28-32 by the time you get to Arlington.

Do keep an eye on the Corridor as well. It’s going to be cloudy and gusty, but models do suggest significant gradient between Portland the The Dalles in the afternoon.

You’re always outside stimulating your muscles, but tonight you can stimulate your mind. Head to Mosier for “Interesting Gorge,” an evening of 3-minute speeches on strange and random topics. This is ideal for all of you with ADD or ADHD, and that’s probably most of you on this list. Three minutes. If I can concentrate that long, you can too. $5 at the door at the Mosier School, in, duh, Mosier.

On Saturday from 9-12, there’s a CGWA beach cleanup at the Hatchery. If you come out and brave the rain, you’ll be rewarded with lots of free swag from Da Kine. Many thanks to Da Kine for sponsoring work parties, and thanks to CGWA for organizing. No thanks to Mother Nature for making the workers miserable (but we love you most days, Mother Nature)…

Have an awesome day today!


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  1. Patrick Quigley |

    Despite the constant drizzle, 16 of us, including our Executive Director (thanks Katie!!), got the job done. We made another huge dent into the perennial Knapweed problem. And as always, BIG thanks to DAKINE! Now let’s all reward ourselves with a session out in the desert on Sunday…