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 October 4, 2010

Good morning!

This week’s sponsor is Cascade Acupuncture Center. During the month of October, Cascade Acupuncture Center will offer all Happy Hour Acupuncture treatments in the Hood River Clinic on a sliding scale fee of $15-$35, and will donate 100% to the Hood River Save Our Library Committee – www.saveourlibrary.net. Happy Hour Treatments, offered M-W-F-Sa in Hood River, are 40 minute focus treatments to address stress, boost energy and immune system, and increase your overall happiness. Call 541-387-4325 to schedule.

Hello everyone, and thank you for the day off on Monday! Hopefully all of you made it on the water somewhere. For the first time in almost 6 months, I took a day off and did no work at all, other than wandering through the woods for a few hours gathering mushrooms.

Although we might see some lingering west winds early Tuesday morning, those will be gone by midday as offshore flow increases through the Gorge. If you’re looking to windsurf or kite today, your best chance is at the coast. 15-20 north, 20-25 central, and 25-35 south with a 7 foot west swell at 10 seconds.

Coast winds die off Wednesday as the offshore flow increases. Stay at the coast for excellent surfing in the offshore wind, or head back to the Gorge for easterlies in the 25-28 range at Stevenson and 28-32 range at Rooster. Don’t you just love the new iWindsurf sensor at Rooster Rock? It’s going to improve forecasting by 1000%, and it’s going to make for great entertainment this winter.

Easterlies die off Thursday morning, and westerlies of the light sort return by Thursday afternoon.

For off-the-water entertainment this week, there’s Kayak Polo from 8:00-9:30 at the Hood River Pool on Wednesday night (yeah, I know that’s on-the-water entertainment), Business After Hours at Cascade Acupuncture Center on Thursday from 5-7pm, and Interesting at the Mosier School at 7pm on Friday. Interesting was great fun last year, and I highly recommend everyone go this year. It’s only $5.

Have a awesome day today!


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