10/26 Mt. Hood rain, Gorge no-wind and events (plenty of those)

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 October 26, 2012

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
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The fun fall weather continues through this weekend, with today being the nicest day. For weather in the Gorge, we’ll see on-an-off sprinkles today, heavy rain starting around midday tomorrow, heavy rain all day Sunday, and more heavy rain through Monday afternoon. Today for me is a gardening day, as the nice fellows at Dirt Hugger (the rad compost company in The Dalles) just dropped off a yard of compost for my garden. If you haven’t done your fall composting, get some now before the weather is too far gone.

That said, you might want to grab some tickets to the Mt. Hood Independent Film Festival, starting today and running through Sunday. What better way to spend a rainy day than watching movies? Also in the fun-in-the-rain category is the annual Halloween paddle on the White Salmon River on Saturday. And a bike swap meet at Dirty Fingers on Saturday morning at 10am (oh wait, that’s not going to be so much fun in the rain, but you might score some bargains).

In wind news, there’s really going to be no wind down here for the next few days. Maybe some snow kiting… except the snow’s going to melt this weekend, sadly, unless you’re a boater, in which case you like melting snow.

The snow level will be around 5000′ this morning, but a warm system coming over top of the colder air will make for a mix of rain, freezing rain, sleet and snow on the mountain this morning before a switch to all rain this afternoon. By 5pm, the snow level will be at 9000′. Mt. Hood gets .2” water value from now until 5pm, and another .2” tonight. Wind today will be SW 20-30 early, WSW 35-40 midday and WNW 30-40 early evening, holding overnight.

There will be a bit of a break in the mountain rain tomorrow morning, but by 11am, heavy rain starts. There will be about 1” of rain on Mt. Hood Saturday, followed by another .8-1” by Sunday morning. The snow level will start around 10,000′, drop a bit to 8000′ early morning, and then rise to 11,000′ by Saturday afternoon. Wind Saturday will be WNW 30-40, dropping to W 20 midday and rising to W 40-50 in the afternoon.

ON Sunday, the rain continues, with another .8” between 5am and 5pm with the snow level around 10,000′. Another 1-2” of rain will fall by Monday morning. Wind Sunday will be W 40 early, going to SW 20 midday and rising to SW 40 in the afternoon.

The snow level on Monday will be around 10,000′, with continued moderate rain and W wind around 30-40mph. The snow level will stay high through the middle of next week, at least.

Have an awesome day today!


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