10/14 Gorge wind, rain and events (sorry, no snow yet)

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 October 14, 2012

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First, let me start by saying that the mountain biking on slickrock is super fun, and if you bike and haven’t been to Utah, you should make a trip.

Second, you might have noticed that it’s definitely fall now. Don’t worry. The sun isn’t totally gone.

In rain news, today should be relatively dry, but we’ll get a downpour tonight, with .2-.5” of rain by Monday morning. We’ll have clouds and light showers during the day Monday, but by 5pm, the rain will return, with up to 1” overnight into Tuesday. Showers taper off after 11am Tuesday.

We’ll have some more dry days, particularly Tuesday afternoon through Friday morning, which should make for three epic days of mountain biking next week. The big question is when Hospital, Nestor and Whoopdee will reopen (and when county lands will reopen to dirt biking), but I’m betting it will be soon. Stay tuned for updates, and check the HRATS Facebook page for the information first.

In wind news, we’ve mostly left the “classic gorge setup” season, but we’ll still see post-frontal and post-upper-low wind in the Gorge. Generally light west flow continues through Monday. Then the upper low exits east and high pressure builds over the Pacific, giving us west wind at 24-27… not sure where… but probably east of Hood River.

High pressure builds over the region Wednesday, for light west wind that fades quickly, and by Thursday, we should be back to east wind.

In events, next Saturday brings two work parties: One with Ranger Jimmy T up in the Knebal Springs area. The other work party is a beach cleanup at Doug’s. For more information on the first, contact Dirty Fingers. For more information on the second, CGWA.

Have an awesome day today!