10/16 Gorge wind, Mt. Hood snow, biking conditions and more…

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 October 15, 2012

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Okay y’all. As requested by Josh Sampiero and others, due to iWind/iKite being done for the year, it’s your wind forecast. And trail report. And snow forecast.

First, all SDS and Kreps land trails have reopened. That includes Whoopdee, Hospital Hill, Nestor and Puke Hill/Hood River Mountain. I haven’t heard anything about County lands being reopened for motorized use, but I bet I’ll have an email in my inbox soon. If you want to moto, call the County, but please, give the trails a chance to recover from yesterday’s .5” of rain. Wow. That’s wet.

Speaking of wet, this rain is going to send the rivers way up. Keep an eye on the Hood the next couple of days if you’re a kayaker. It’s already “in” at 4.2′, and is expected to go to 5.2′, just about a perfect level.

Next, you should totally go windsurfing or kiting Tuesday if you like high wind. And upper low moves through Canada and high pressure builds in at the coast. This is an IDEAL setup for eastern Gorge wind, and I think you’ll see 35-45 out there. Strongest wind will be early in the morning, through noon, followed by 26-30 in the afternoon. Wish I was in town to join you, but sorry, I’ll be riding trails in Moab.

High pressure builds in across the PNW Wednesday for light east wind. East wind looks to continue Thursday. Another low swings through the region Friday for desert westerlies. The extended forecast shows another strong west wind day over the weekend.

As for the rain, you’ll have sprinkles in the western Gorge tomorrow with rain in the Cascades and sun out east. Wednesday and Thursday look dry, but more rain comes in Thursday night, probably ending by Friday morning (except in the Cascades). At this point, Saturday looks dry for the “Jimmy T and me” work party up at Knebal Springs.

As for snow, the snow level was at 12k or so today, but it’s going to drop to 6000′ or so by Tuesday morning, with some accumulation, maybe even a trace down to 5000′. The next precip comes in on Friday, but the snow level will be way up there. So, expect the mountains to look pretty when the sky clears on Wednesday. Wish I was there to see it. That’s my favorite part of fall: First snow!

Have an awesome day today!