Mountain biking in the Gorge is some of the best in the United States. Trails wind through old-growth forest, along volcanic plains, and along wildflower-covered slopes. There are cross-country rides, freeride areas, shuttles, climbs, and just about anything else you could imagine riding your bike over. Click through to the pages for more information about the rides, and email current conditions to twomirrors at gmail dot com.


Current Trail Conditions and links to detailed information

as of 12/11/16



Hospital Hill:Snow-covered.
Post Canyon: Snow-covered.
Whoopdee: Snow-covered.
Kitchen Sink: Snow-covered.
Columbia Hills / Crawford Oaks: Snow-covered.
8-Mile: Snow-covered.
Knebal: Snow-covered.
Dog River: Snow-covered.
Oak Ridge: Snow-covered.
Surveyor’s: Snow-covered.
Gorge 400 west from Wyeth: Snow-covered.
Ape Canyon: Snow-covered. Smith Creek, Snow-covered.
Lewis River: Snow-covered
Falls Creek: Snow-covered.
Buck Creek/Nestor Peak: Snow-covered.
Fifteenmile: Snow-covered.
Bear Springs: Snow-covered.
Gunsight/Gumjuwac: Snow-covered.
Boulder Lakes: Snow-covered.
High Prairie/450 Trail: Snow-covered.
Cooks Meadow: Snow-covered.
3 Corner Rock: Reportedly reopened with 1/2 mile of road. Very brushy. Bad.Snow-coveredGPS track here.
Sandy Ridge: Snow-covered.
Siouxon: Snow-covered.