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As of 6/9/2010 I have multiple reports of people running into rattlesnakes on Syncline. There is even one living within 10 feet of the gate where you access the road. Please keep your eyes open, and consider leaving your dogs at home, as one dog was bitten already.

Syncline is one of the few trails open and clear of snow year-round (except during major Gorge snowstorms), making it a favorite of Gorge locals. In spring, wildflowers cover the grassy slopes, blooming at higher elevations as temperatures warm.

There are a myriad of trails in this system, some easy and some of high technical difficulty. Available loops run from 5 to 25 miles. Be very careful descending trails along cliff edges. There was one death at Syncline several years ago, and we’d like to avoid any others!

To get there: From Hood River, cross the Port of Hood River bridge. Take a right, and follow SR 14 through Bingen. About 4 miles outside of Bingen, turn left onto Courtney Road. Park at the base of Courtney Road. Follow the gated paved road to the right. Continue up the hill about 1/2 mile until you see a gate on the left, with a red dirt trail heading uphill.


  1. Lisa |

    I lost my small Sony digital camera somewhere on the Syncline on Friday afternoon. If you find it, could you please give me a call? 239-823-2385. Thanks!!

  2. AC |

    saw a big ‘ol rattler…scared the sh-t out of me! about 5 minutes into the climb.

  3. Jaybo |

    Yep, lots of snakes on Syncline this year. LEAVE your dog at home unless you want a dead or very sick pup.

  4. Mark |

    When’s hunting season over?

    • Temira |

      Officially, I believe it’s December 15th. The hunters have left their camp, though, so feel free to ride at will. I did yesterday. =)

  5. Temira |

    And by the way, the trail is in EPIC condition right now!

  6. Temira |

    It’s hunting season at the Syncline. Please do not ride the upper section of the trail near the brown house. And DO NOT BRING YOUR DOG to the Syncline until hunting camp is over. If you violate these rules, you will cause access problems for everyone else. It’s just for a few weeks, and there are lots of other rides for you and your dog this time of year. Thanks for your cooperation!

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