Siouxon Trail

Distance: 12 miles each way / approximately 6 from the upper trailhead to the bridge over Siouxon Creek. Or add in Huffman Peak for a much longer loop of 20 miles and 5275′ of climbing – ride counterclockwise.

Climbing: 1500’ish for Siouxon. 5275′ for the Siouxon-Huffman Loop

Printable map of Siouxon/Huffman area
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Siouxon-Huffman Elevation Profile

Siouxsan Trail is one hell of a drive from Hood River. 2 hours at my pace. But oh man is it beautiful. It is one stellar mountain bike ride. The best way to experience this trail is as an overnight trip. Why? Because it’s a long drive. Because the forest around the trail is old, full of big trees, quiet, and peaceful.

There are two ways to access the trail: there’s an upper trailhead right after a switchback in the road on the way to the lower trailhead. The trailhead is on the left. It descends for a couple of miles before leveling out and becoming a true XC pleasure through old-growth forest along a river. The lower trailhead is, well, lower. Keep on keeping on down the #5701 until it ends, and you’ll find it.

This trail really can’t be beat if you like beautiful rivers, old-growth forest, waterfalls, or fun. If any of those eliminate you, you need help. Lots of help. Go ride Siouxon and you’ll decide you love these things after all.

The trail is about 12 miles as an out-and-back. You can also form a loop with Huffman Peak. For the loop, ride Siouxon trail and take Siouxon Creek (130A) up to Huffman Peak. Ride down the Huffman Peak trail, #129.

Direction: First, your best bet is to use Mapquest to get directions and a map. =) Second, you can either go the back way through Carson or the other way through Battleground. Up to you. It’s a long drive either way, but the forest roads are in pretty bad shape.

Cross the Hood River Bridge and go left on WA-14. Take a right on Wind River Road (17.6 miles) and drive to Stabler. At Stabler, go right to get on the (sucky and full of potholes) 54 road. Follow this past the intersection with the 53 road, and go right on the 57 road. Then go right on the 5701 road. This way sucks. The other way sucks too. Take a look at Mapquest – it’ll route you through Battleground. Both directions take a long time. You’re less likely to f**k up your car going through Battleground. =)

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I used to do this loop a lot. Man it’s a tough one. The Huffman Peak trail is plagued by blowdown. The USFS at the Gifford Pinchot Ranger Sta. told me a few years back they had no plans to maintain the Huffman or any other Mt. Bike trails in the Siouxsan Unit. I guess it’s up to user groups to keep this area going.


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