Wednesday: you asked for it: hot and windy!

The best wind forecast for the Gorge. The best snow forecast for Mt. Hood. The best weather forecast for the Gorge.

These are ranges for the average speed reading, not a predicted wind range. =)
Your favorite launch dawn
morning max afternoon max executive
Iwash (Rooster) Rock too hot buns burn
Stevenson 10-13 25-28 25-28 G20-24
Viento 15-18 25-28 25-28 G20-24
Swell-Hood River 15-18+ 25-28 G20-24 G20-24
Lyle to Doug’s 15-18 24-27 28-31+ 24-27
Rufus, etc: 160-223kcfs flow 15-18 24-27 28-31+ 24-27
Roosevelt & Arlington 15-18 24-27 27-30 23-26
River flow last 24 hours: 143-223kcfskcfsRiver temp: 68.72F High temp: 93F

Gorge Wind Forecast

Hi friends! Despite continued heat (90 degrees), we’re headed into a long stretch of windy weather here in the Gorge. It’ll be hot and dry. Make sure you stay hydrated. If you’re playing on the river between Stevenson and Bingen, keep your eyes open for downwind boats. It’s Gorge Downwind Champs week (and a great week for it!) – there are 800 folks here paddling from west to east. Gentle reminder for folks going across the wind (kiters, windsurfers, wingers): go upwind of craft heading downwind for your safety and theirs. Downwind craft include SUP foilers, especially those paddling up and not yet on foil, outrigger canoes, surfskis, prone paddlers, foil drivers and whatever new sport has been invented in the last 24 hours. Downwind folks: wear a bright jersey and a bright helmet so folks can see you. And remember that a PFD and whistle are required, and also that craft longer than 10′ need an ODFW watercraft permit. Next: the Hood River Bridge is closed nightly from 7pm to 7am. Do not forget like I did yesterday!

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OK! Forecast! Wednesday kicks off hot (almost 80 degrees) with pressures of 29.93/29.83/29.79 for early gradients of 0.10 and 0.04. Right around dawn, westerlies were in the 15-18 range from Viento all the way east to Rufus. In support of the wind today, we have building offshore high pressure, a deepening heat low in the desert, and a cross-Cascade temp gradient of almost 20 degrees. It also looks like we’ll have a stable layer in the middle elevations, which should help. One caveat: the wind tends to under-perform when it’s this hot, and it does actually have less power than cooler wind. All that said… models take the wind to 25-28+ from Viento to Mosier early and quickly fill it in from Stevenson to Doug’s. Strongest wind today looks to be mid-afternoon onward from Mosier to Rufus. Call it 28-31 for that stretch from mid-afternoon on with a chance of a few mph more if we get lucky. It looks like the wind may dip to gusty 19-23 at the Hatch and Hood River late morning or mid-afternoon while Stevenson and Viento hold at 25-28. Arlington will likely join for a few hours at 27-30 before dropping in the evening to 23-26. River flow over the last 24 hours was 143-223kcfs (160-223kcfs at Rufus), river temp is 68.72F, and high temp forecast is 93F for Hood River and 102F for Arlington.

A few marine clouds trickle in to the far western Gorge on Thursday morning (helpful), but they’ll be gone right fast (unhelpful). We start the day with 21-24 from Viento to Swell. This quickly fills in from Stevenson to Mosier. We’ll see a brief period of 23-26 from Stevenson to Mosier before a dip to gusty 20-23 around noon. In the afternoon, we’ll have gusty 21-24 from Stevenson to Doug’s with 14-17 at Avery. In the evening, Rufus picks up to 13-16, and everywhere else holds in the 21-24 range. High temp: 90F for Hood River and 97F for Arlington.

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Strong offshore high pressure and a continued onshore temp gradient keeps things going on Friday. We should have 21-24ish from Stevenson to Swell starting with dawn patrol and hanging through the morning. Models like the idea of 24-27 from Stevenson to Doug’s in the afternoon. Arlington and Rufus join at 22-25 in the evening. High temp: 92F for Hood River and 97F for Arlington.

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Extended: as of right now, Saturday and Sunday look a lot like Thursday and Friday. It’s unclear exactly how windy it will be, but we should have at least 20mph for average wind speeds. Looking at next week, the wind continues, most likely. Have a great time out there on the river! Stay hydrated! Stop for Indian food at Amayah’s (south side of the road leading east out of Biggs – now with indoor seating) if you’re heading out east. Yum!  


Jones, Sauvie Island, Oregon Coast

North/Central/South coast, waves (swell forecast provided by NWS). Wind forecast for the afternoon (unless it’s a storm on the coast, in which case that’s peak wind during the day). Wind direction N (coast/Sauvie Island) and W (Jones) unless otherwise noted. Wednesday: 10-15/15-20/30-35, N swell 4′ at 5 seconds. Thursday: 20-25/25/35-40, N 7′ @ 8. Friday: 15-20/15-20/35-40, N 4′ @ 6. Jones Wednesday: 20-23. Thursday: 24-27. Friday: 19-22. Sauvie Island Wednesday: 14-17. Thursday: 16-19. Friday: 15-18.

Alan’s Sauvie Island Wind Sensor  

Mt. Hood Weather Forecast

I’m tired. It’s on vacation.  

Very basic Hood River weather forecast. Don’t plan your life around this. You really should read Temira’s Awesome Travel Advisory Service on Facebook

Hot. Wednesday will be sunny. Temps start in the upper 70s (record high, keep windows closed) and climb to the low 90s. Strong westerlies. No rainbows. Thursday will be sunny all day. Temps start in the low 60s (open windows) and rise to 90 or so (closed windows). Moderately strong westerlies. No rainbows. Friday looks nearly the same as do Saturday and Sunday.  

Local-ish Events

Please let me know of outdoor-related local-ish events. If you don’t tell me, I don’t know!

There’s a weekly social for Wind Johnnies (The Gorge Wind Social) at Ferment Brewing every 3rd Monday this summer.

The Columbia Gorge Junior Kayak Club offers free roll sessions (gear provided) for kids at the Hood River Pool every other Tuesday from 5:30 to 7pm. Visit their website for more deets: Amayah’s offers a free meal every First Thursday from 1pm to 4pm. Regular weekly events:. NK Studio’s by-donation Tuesday morning yoga class is back. Ferment’s Tuesday night 4-mile walk/run is at 6pm. There’s meditation with monks at 5:15pm (an hour) and 6:30pm (30 minutes plus a talk) at Yoga Samadhi in White Salmon. Columbia Gorge Tri Club meets at Mayer State Park at 6pm Tuesdays. At 7:15am on Wednesdays, there’s a run from the White Salmon Bakery. At 7am on Friday morning, there’s a run from Pine Street Bakery. On Fridays at 2:30pm, there’s a free meditation and stretching class at Yoga Samadhi. On Saturday at 9am, there’s a by-donation outdoor group fitness on the 2rd floor deck about Ferment Brewing.

Wingfoil racing starts July 2nd:

Post Canyon Junior Enduro MTB series:  


Ape Canyon and Plains of Abraham are open per USFS website. Patchy snow and downed trees were there as of last report, 6/24. 44 Road trails are all open and clear, including upper 450 and Fifteenmile. As of 6/30, Gunsight was bucked, but there was ½ mile section of snow. Boulder Lakes and other more remote trails are not bucked out yet. Remember that E-bikes are not allowed on USFS non-moto trails. They are allowed on moto trails.  

Sprinter Van of the Week!

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Have an awesome day!

By Temira

Temira Lital is a recreation and travel weather forecaster based in Hood River, Oregon. Temira uses they/them pronouns. They're also a mental health counselor. Temira bikes, skis, windsurfs, paddles a SUP, swims in mountain lakes, and loves gardening. Most recently they've taken up SUP foiling. Temira is powered by La Croix, protein, and beets.