Monday. 11/11. It’s nuking in the western Gorge. There’s no rain in the forecast today. Go play if you can!

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 November 11, 2013

It’s fall now, and that means it’s time for the snow forecast!

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Random Morning Thoughts

Gratitude Month, day 11: Today I am grateful to our veterans for volunteering to serve our country. I am grateful that we live in a time and place where there is no need for a draft, and I am grateful to live in a country where I live free of the fear of bombs exploding in the streets or missiles falling from the sky.

Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′

Mt. Hood Snow Forecast

I am sorry to say that there’s not much snow in our future. Yesterday I mentioned the possibility of a very wet Thursday system, but that possibility has dissipated. The next chance for significant snowfall is next Friday/Saturday, but that’s way too far out to be predicting!

So, we’ll see the free air freezing level (FAF) around 10,000′ this morning, rising to 12,000′ this afternoon under partly cloudy sky. Wind will be SW 15 early, becoming S 20 in the afternoon.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, brings more clouds and a chance of showers on Mt. Hood. The snow level will be 8000′ early, falling to 7000′ by 4pm and 6000′ by 10pm. Total rainfall will be .1-.3”, falling between 4am and 4pm. Wind will be SW 30-40 early, SW 20-25 from 10am on, and W 20 overnight.

Precip will be long gone by Wednesday morning, leaving party cloudy sky. The free air freezing level will be 5500′ early, 7500′ early afternoon, and 9000′ in the evening. Wind will be WNW 25 early, dropping throughout the day.

Plain Old Local Weather

We’ll see partly to mostly cloudy sky today in the Gorge with temps in the 50’s. An incoming cold front tonight leaves us with a chance of showers the first half of tomorrow. Expect dry and partly cloudy weather on Wednesday.

Gorge Wind Forecast

It’s pretty much nuking in the west end of the Gorge this morning. With a .19 east gradient and temps in the low 50’s, it’s going to be a fun day on the water! Expect 30-35 at Stevenson and 35-45 at Rooster Rock. Tomorrow brings easterlies at 15-18 early, fading quickly, and becoming westerlies at 13-15 in the afternoon. Wednesday brings light wind.

Road and Mountain Biking

The pavement was fantastic yesterday. I know the dirt is good at Syncline. Anyone have a Post Canyon report? Has it dried out enough to be rideable again?

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Events – email me if I’ve missed any outdoor-related events

You can play indoor Ultimate Frisbee this evening at 8pm at the Hood River Armory. Coming up Friday night, it’s the annual Gala Fashion Show at the Hood River Inn, benefiting the Hood River Christmas Project. Pick up your tickets at … well, lots of locations in downtown Hood River.

Have an awesome day today!