7.22 Windy Forecast

Good morning Gorge Sports fanatics!

The heat wave continues today, but west winds keep it from feeling too hot. High pressure off the coast combines with an upper low near BC fro some wind. The early gradient was .14 with low twenties from the Hatch to Doug’s. That’s a solid gradient, enough for 24-28 in the corridor this morning and the same at Doug’s this afternoon. .

Tomorrow will be windy. High pressure off the coast combines with a desert heat low for 23-26 in the morning from Stevenson to Hood River. By afternoon tomorrow, winds climb to 24-28 from Hood River out to Doug’s. Friday is looking like a windy repeat.

At this point, The weekend is looking wicked hot. But… a south swell is rumored headed towards the Oregon coast, and with light wind out there, we’ll see epic surf starting late Friday. .

In other news, today is the Hood River Yacht club’s weekly race. If you’re a sailor without a boat, cruise the dock around 5:30 to try and catch a ride.

There’s a lot going on tomorrow. First, the Dirty Divas take their ladies only ride to Hospital Hill tomorrow. Meet at the China Gorge park-n-ride at 8am or under the power lines at the head of the trail at 8:15. Tomorrow afternoon is the Dirty Fingers Post and Pint ride through Post Canyon. On the water tomorrow is the Big Winds’ standup paddle races and the weekly Hood River triathlon at the Event Site.

Whatever you do today, have an awesome day!


7/21 Forecast

West winds make a bit of a comeback late today, as Portland hovers in the upper eighties and The Dalles reaches for 100 degrees. With the heat low in the east and high pressure at the coast, winds can’t help but pick up later. We’ll see 17-21 or so, mid afternoon onward, from Stevenson out to Mosier.

A weak weather disturbance disturbs the status quo on Tuesday night, setting up stronger west gradients for Wednesday. I’m thinking we’ll see 22-25 to start, with winds holding through the day, and spreading eastward as far as Maryhill late in the evening. Thursday’s looking like a carbon copy of Wednesday, with low-to-mid twenties wind through the Gorge.

Weather models past tomorrow aren’t agreeing, so I can’t really hazard a guess for wind in the extended period. Stay tuned tomorrow for the extended forecast.

If you’re a surfer, keep an eye on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Magic Seaweed (but not NOAA) is calling for a south swell headed our way. Friday’s 9@13, Saturday’s 9@17 (wow!) and Sunday’s 7@16 (perfect?).

In non-wind news, the Hood River County fair starts on Wednesday. There’s going to be delicious food, fun rides, and plenty of other cool stuff going on. Also tomorrow is the Hood River Yacht club’s Wednesday night sailboat races. If you’ve got some experience, you can probably crew on a boat. Just wander the Hood River marina around 5:30 tomorrow evening and ask around.

Also on Wednesday is the movie Rabbit Proof Fence at the Columbia center for the arts. It’s a fabulous movie, and totally worth your time. That’s 7;30 tomorrow. Don’t miss it!

And whatever you do today, have an awesome day!