7/29 Gorge wind and events

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 July 29, 2012

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It’s really quite nice outside this morning. 61 degrees. Clear sky, at least here in Hood River. Looks like there are clouds to the west of my place. That sets us up for another windy day. The 6am gradient was .09, and it was already 20mph at the Hatchery. So, let’s call it 18-23 this morning, with a short burst of 23-26 possible late morning, but mostly just 20-24 all day long near Hood River, filling in to Mosier, Doug’s and Rowena in the afternoon.

A weak weather system moves through tomorrow, giving us solid clouds in the western Gorge. A 21-24 start to the morning picks up to 24-28 by midday, with the strongest wind at Doug’s and Maryhill in the early afternoon. Depending on the timing of the weather system, we could see the wind die out and get gusty as it passes, before rebounding late in the day as high pressure builds in behind. Tuesday looks windy too, both here and at the Coast, where you’ll find 20-30 with a 2 foot south swell at 15 seconds. I know, 2 foot sounds tiny, but that 15 second period could make for some fun head-high sets.

A bit further from home today, it’s the Northwest Trail Alliance’s Helensfest, mountain biking at St. Helens on Smith Creek, Ape Canyon and the Boundary trail. They were out doing work on Ape Canyon yesterday, so it should be in perfect shape if you ride it or hike it this week.

So what I meant to say yesterday is that the Moth sailboat Nationals are going on in Cascade Locks, and that Moths are one-man, not two-man boats. And, apparently the races were cancelled because there just weren’t that many boats interested in racing. So my apologies to those of you who went to check it out. When I checked recently, the races were still on, so… what can I say? Also today, it’s the continuation of the Wildside Relay with surfskis and outrigger canoes making their way from Stevenson to Bingen. And while you’re down in Stevenson or Cascade Locks, swing by the Bluegrass Festival in Stevenson for even more fun.

Have an awesome day today!