5/20 Forecast

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 May 20, 2012

Fresh Fish in the Gorge

Good morning,

It’s time for the summer sponsorships and the weekly (kinda weekly) giveaways on the email forecast. Your sponsor this week: Why choose Dirty Fingers Bike Repair and bar? Let’s start off with the convenient location on 13th and State with lots of FREE parking. That’s right: no meters. Talented bike mechanics. Great brands: Kona, Transition, Ellsworth, Moots, Cervelo.Bikes, schmikes. Dirty Fingers has beer. Yes, it’s the only combo beer-and-bike bar in the world(?). Pints are $4, or $3 if you’re at Happy Hour from 5pm-6pm. Dirty Fingers.Years and years in the Gorge. Now officially open. We’re giving away a free Full Monte bike tune. Support the report with a paypal donation of $10 or more, then follow the directions in the report if you’d like a chance to win!

I know you guys all know about the annular solar eclipse this evening, right before sunset. That’s the most interesting thing in the forecast, but, sadly, cloud cover is going to interfere with you having the opportunity to fry your retina by starting at the obscured solar disk this evening. Maybe if you head way east? In the wind forecast, not much today. Tomorrow we’ll see west wind at 10-15 with rain and then on Tuesday, we’ll have westerlies at 21-23. It looks like the gusty, rainy weather is going to continue for the first half of the week, at least.

Just a heads up for you skiers and travelers: the snow level’s going to drop to 4500′ or so on Monday night through Tuesday, so the passes and ski resorts will see new snow.

In events today, the big one is the multi-sport swap meet happening at Windance this morning from 8am to noon or so. Not only is it a good place to pick up some good deals on gear, it’s also a great place for socializing and seeing all those people you haven’t seen in a long time. While you’re there, make sure you join your CGWA or CGKA, working to protect your beaches and your access to windy places.

On a side note, this is NOAA’s national safe boating week, and today is life jacket awareness day. I totally missed yesterday, which was hypothermia. So, don’t forget to dress warmly and wear a flotation device, and then tomorrow, we’ll celebrate Thunderstorm Safety! Sadly, we won’t have any thunderstorms to use for demonstration. I think the official line is something like, “Don’t fly a kite with metal lines in a lightning storm.”

Finally, one last thing: tomorrow is Victoria Day, the informal beginning to the Canadian summer and the birthday of Queen Victoria, a real queen, not a drag queen. Canadians aren’t quite that progressive, although they do have a drinking age of 19 and semi-legal marijuana, along with great skiing and a propensity to say “eh”. The last two are just facts, not political leanings.

Anyway, before I get myself in trouble, I’m going to stop.

Have an awesome day today!


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