4-20 day forecast

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 April 20, 2010

Good morning, and happy four-twenty day!

Up on Mt. Hood this morning, it’s partly cloudy this morning. It’s 41 at Timberline, with no new and a 149” base. It’s 36 at Meadows, with no new and 118” base. The wind is light at both resorts, so vis permitting, upper lifts should run. Looks like snow levels will drop this week, with a few inches of new each day. What I’m really hoping for is Superbowl powder skiing. It happened a couple of times last season, but it hasn’t happened this year. I suppose the stable snowpack now is too little, too late, but it’s still fun to hope.

Out on the Columbia, it’s setting up to be a windy day, actually a windy week. A front is over us now, a low pressure trough is moving east, and high pressure is building at the coast. Morning gradients are .10 and .06, and they’ll pick up. By afternoon, we’ll see gusty upper teens from Stevenson to the corridor, unless we get lucky and the clouds burn back, and 27-30 from Doug’s, maybe Mosier, eastward.

Tomorrow looks stronger and steadier, with wind from the Corridor to The Wall in the 28-32 range. At this point, it looks like Corridor westerlies will hold in the 30 range through Thursday, for an early spring three-peat. Remember, if you’re headed to the Hatchery, 14 is closed from 7am to 4pm through Thursday. WSDOT, you’re no fun.

In mountain bike land, it’s good on what’s open, which is Post, Syncline, Nestor, Tower of Power, and Oak Ridge. Those last two are chock full of ticks and poison oak for your special biking enjoyment.

Speaking of ticks, I did a little morel/verpa hunting yesterday, and did not find any ticks. Or morels. Or verpas. But at least I didn’t find any ticks!

Boaters, the Hood’s at 4.4 feet, the White Salmon’s at 4 feet, and the little White’s at 697 cfs.

Have an awesome day today!