3/30 Mt. Hood sun, Gorge sun, and sun everywhere forecast.

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 March 30, 2013

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
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Good morning,

So much for spring. It’s summer now. I saw a 68 degree reading yesterday in Hood River, and today and tomorrow will be warmer. Gardeners are absolutely freaking out (I’m freaking out because they’re selling the land where I garden, and my heart is broken) with this beautiful weather. So are the SUPers. And the kayakers. Heck, who isn’t freaking out because it’s warm and sunny?

In the Gorge today, we’ll start off with mid-40’s and brush 70 this afternoon. Wind will be light this morning, picking up to E 23-26 at Stevenson and Rooster and E 5-8 everywhere else. Tomorrow looks like a repeat: Low in the upper 40’s, high near 70, and east wind at 21-24, fading throughout the day. Monday starts with temps in the upper 40’s, rising to the upper 60’s, with west wind at 21-24.

Mt. Hood is also going to be summery for the next several days. The free air freezing level (FAF) will be 10,000′ this morning, rising to 12,000′ this afternoon, with light SW wind. There’s a slight chance of thunder and lightning this afternoon, which also means there’s a chance it’ll go from clear and sunny this morning to cloudy this afternoon.

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Tomorrow looks clear and sunny with the FAF at 12,000′ all day and light and variable wind. Monday looks like a repeat of Sunday. So does Tuesday. Next change in the weather is late Wednesday/early Thursday, when strong SW flow sends a bunch of moisture into the PNW with the freezing level around 6000-7000′.

Have a great day today. Enjoy the warm and sunny weather, and keep your eyes open for morels! Oh, and don’t forget to remove your studded tires. They need to be of by the end of the day tomorrow.

Have an awesome day today!