1/12 Mt. Hood Boring/Interesting Forecast

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 January 12, 2012

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Disclaimer: This forecast is for entertainment only. Don’t use it to plan your skiing, snowboarding or travel schedule, even though I do. Although I work for Meadows, this forecast is not endorsed by Meadows and does not reflect the views of the resort. Nobody pays me to write this report (unless you make a donation), so please share the link with your friends and help me increase my hits! Thank you!

Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
4a-8a 8a-12p 12p-4p 4p-8p 8p-4a

Good morning!

Oh yeah. This is the kind of forecast I like to write. I’m tempted to just skip the next two days because they’re boring and go straight to next week…

Today looks boring on Mt. Hood. It’s below freezing now, but temps will warm to >32° between 4000’ and 9000’ today with E/NE wind at 5-10mph. Temps will remain warm overnight. In the continued boring category, Friday brings a big inversion and clear skies with the freezing level between 8000’ and 10000’ all day with the wind NW 10-15 early going to W 5-15 in the late afternoon.

Things get more interesting on Saturday. Mt. Hood starts off clear, with clouds moving in late morning or early afternoon. The freezing level will be 9000’ early, 5500’ by 1pm and at 500’ or less by 10pm. Such a dramatic drop in the freezing level makes for strong wind: SW 5-10 early, SW 30-35 by 10am, SW 40-50 by 1pm, and then, after the front swings through, WSW 40-50+ sometime between 4pm and 7pm. At this point, it doesn’t look like the precip will start until 7pm or so, meaning it’s most likely going to all fall as snow, but there’s a slight chance we’ll see a bit of rain first. Don’t count on the rain. We’ll see .5” water value for 4-6” of unevenly distributed snow by 4am Sunday.

Snow continues falling on Sunday with temps in the teens to low twenties on Mt. Hood and the freezing level at 500’ or less. We’ll have another .5” water value between 4am and 4pm, for another 4-6” of new snow. Sunday will be rather stormy, with the wind at W 30-40+ early, swinging to WNW 30-35+ around 4pm and holding. We’ll see another .3” water value by Monday morning for another 2-4” of new snow.

Total weekend accumulation: 12-16”.

Monday looks much less stormy, with continued cold weather and another 1-3” of new snow followed by another 4-6” into Tuesday.

That’s when things really start getting interesting, and that’s why I’m forecasting this far out, even though it’s not a good idea. Cold air in place east of the Cascades and in the Gorge combines with an overrunning warm system on Tuesday night for (most likely scenario) freezing rain in the Gorge. Details are still unclear about the path of the heaviest rainfall and the 5000’/850mb temps, but chances are it’s going to rain on Mt. Hood and make a big mess down in the Gorge before surface temps warm up on Wednesday morning. Stay tuned…

Coming up tonight, there’s Gorge Green Drinks at Crossfit Hood River at 6pm. Come learn about this great local business (no workout involved, sorry), drink some free beer and eat some free snackies. Coming up tomorrow, there’s a rail jam at Timberline and the Dimwits ride the EasyCLIMB trail in Cascade Locks at 6:30, after which they roast their weenies and marshmallows. Finally, for you windsurfers, it’s blowing 44mph at Rooster Rock and it’s 34 degrees. That’s a wind chill of about 20 degrees. Have fun.

Have a great day today!


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