11.11 Very snowy and windy forecast

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 November 11, 2011

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Good morning!

Well guys (and gals), I think this is truly the end of Indian Summer. If you can get out and play this morning in the sunshine, do it.

Your Gorge wind forecast is windy the next few days. Light wind this morning picks up to 23-26 at Stevenson and Hood River by 4pm, filling in out east after dark and blowing hard tonight. Bring your garbage cans inside. We’ll be post-frontal tomorrow, with gusty and unreliable west wind in the 23-26 range in the desert, less near Hood River. Sunday looks really windy, with 30+ through the whole Gorge.

Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
4a-8a 8a-12p 12p-4p 4p-8p 8p-4a

But what you want to know about is the mountain, right? Okay, the freezing level is around 9000’ right now. It will fall to 6000’ by 4pm, and then the snow starts, and the snow level falls as low as 1500’. Enjoy the snow tonight, Parkdale. Mountain wind will be WSW 20-30 this morning, going to W 45-55 tonight for blizzard conditions. We’ll see about .6” water value overnight for 6-7” of new snow.

Flurries continue Saturday morning, with the snow level at 1500’ early, slowly rising to 5000’ by 10pm. Given the NW flow with this system, I think we’ll see all snow, all the time. Mountain wind tomorrow will be NW 35-40 early, picking up to WSW 35-40 by 4pm and going to blizzard conditions with WNW 45-55 by 10pm. We’ll see 1-2” during the day Saturday and then .7” water value for 5-7” of new snow overnight.

Sunday brings a weird setup with a strong inversion, and a possible chance for brief rain. Winds will be strong all day, at W 40ish. We’ll see limited moisture, .1-.2” water value, for an inch of new.

The next big storm comes in Monday night, with the snow level around 4000’ and 10-12” of new snow. Speaking of Monday night, head over to Everybody’s Brewing for the Mt. Hood Meadows Avalance Dog fundraiser. There were awesome raffle prizes last year, so you’ll want to be there this year too!

Chance of Meadows opening within 2 weeks: 40%. Chances for Skibowl: 25%.

Have an awesome day today! Chance of Meadows/Skibowl opening in the next two weeks: 20%


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