The Gorge is my Gym

  • Friday. RAINBOWS!!! And wind, and good dirt.

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     June 24, 2016

    It was already windy out there this morning as I was writing the forecast, but I was struggling to get it done. It wasn’t FOMO. It’s the fact that this time of year, the rainbows are no longer directly in front of my window. They appear in the west, and I have to stand up from my desk to look at them. This keeps me from g […]


    This morning (Thursday) started off with bigger gradients out east than in the western Gorge. To be more precise than that, we had .07 (pdx-dls) and .10 (dls-psc), indicative of a better day further east than in the cloudy and potentially sprinkly western Gorge. Continued after the chart…

    Today’s Gorge Wind – t […]

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