Wednesday: brownpow, wildflowers, and west wind!

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 April 24, 2019

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
4a-8a 8a-12p 12p-4p 4p-8p 8p-4a

Mt. Hood Weather Forecast

Not much to report in the Mt. Hood weather forecast other than the fact that it will likely be cold enough on Friday and Saturday to snap the snow and make for excellent corn snow turns. For Wednesday, it’ll be sunny on the mountain. Free air freezing level (FAF) 7500′ early rising to 10,000′ overnight. Wind: N 20 early, WNW 10 in the afternoon, and S 10 overnight.

Thursday looks sunny. FAF: 10,000′ falling to 5000′ after midnight. Wind: S 10 early, WSW 20 in the afternoon, WNW 35 after midnight. Friday starts with some high clouds. FAF: 5000′. Wind: WNW 35 early, NW 25 in the afternoon, and NW 20 after midnight. Saturday looks clear early and partly cloudy in the afternoon. FAF: 5500′ early and 5000′ later. Wind: NW 20-25. No snow in the 7 day forecast.

Gorge Wind

West wind Wednesday morning fades during the day, turns easterly overnight, and then returns late Thursday afternoon. Details for Wednesday are a bit hazy as offshore high pressure builds and a thermal trough sets up in the western half of the state. Models predict a switch to east wind in the afternoon, but gut instinct says the westerlies will stick around. So, let’s go with 13-16 Dawn Patrol in most Gorge locations. Eastern Gorge wind will die off mid-morning. Best guess: 19-23 from Stevenson to Mosier mid-morning through early afternoon. Westerlies fade into the evening, ending up at 5-10mph. River flow 286kcfs. River temp 52 degrees.

Thursday sees that thermal trough in the west in the morning and in the east in the afternoon. As you might have guessed, that’ll drive a wind direction switch. E 20-25 from Rooster to Viento in the morning holds for a few hours and backs to E 5-10 after noon. Westerlies return late afternoon with 5-10 from Stevenson to Mosier.

Offshore high pressure, a trough moving inland, NW flow, and a 10 degree pdx-desert temp difference combine on Friday for stronger westerlies. Afternoon westerlies will be steadier than the morning wind, as we wait for the atmosphere to stabilize. The day starts with 12-15 from Stevenson to Doug’s. Out east, westerlies hit 21-24 after sunrise. Afternoon wind: 18-22 from Stevenson to Mosier with 27-31 from Rowena to Boardman. Saturday currently looks like 23-26 and Sunday looks much lighter.

JONES, SAUVIE’S, COAST: Here today… gone tomorrow? Jones Wednesday: 5-10. Thursday: 10-13. Friday: 15-28. Sauvie’s Wednesday: 13-16. Thursday: 8-12. Friday: 13-16. Coast (north/central/south). Wednesday: 25-30/25-30/30-40, W swell 6′ at 11 seconds. Thursday: 20-25/15-20/25-30, NW 6′ @ 11. Friday: 5-10/20-25/30-40, NW 7′ @ 9.

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Hood River Weather Forecast

It’s mostly clear this morning, and sun will be here all day. Temps will be in the mid 40’s early and upper 60’s later. Moderate westerlies in the morning. Light westerlies later. No rainbows. Thursday looks clear and sunny. Temps will be in the mid 40’s early and low 70’s later. East wind through 2pm. Then light westerlies. No rainbows. Friday sees some clouds in the morning and then sunshine in the afternoon. Temps will be in the mid 40’s early and mid 60’s later. Moderate to strong westerlies. N o rainbows. Dry weather continues for the next week or so, assuming nothing changes in the models.

Looking for a complete Columbia Gorge forecast? Looking for more humor in your weather? Obscenities? You’re looking for my TATAS Temira’s Awesome Travel Advisory Service on Facebook.

White Sprinter Van of the Week!

Click here for the White Sprinter Van map of the world!!!

Road and Mountain Biking

Syncline is good right now, and you’ll want to get it soon before the poison oak and ticks overrun the place. Post is … BROWNPOW! Open top to bottom. Whoopdee is brownpow and has wildflowers, and same goes for Columbia Hills. If you’re riding Underwood, please do not park at the trailhead any more as per request by SDS. There is a parking area 0.5 miles farther down the road. The cows are out on Hospital Hill, which happens to be private land owned by the Kreps family. Do not take your dog or you 1) endanger the life of your dog and 2) endanger access to the land for everyone.

Upcoming Events

There are two community events today: a by-donation yoga class at Fish Food Bank in Hood River at 10. There’s a community run leaving Mark’s Auto in White Salmon at 5. Trailkeepers has a work party on Mt. Defiance tomorrow and another at Punchbowl Falls on Sunday.

Friday is awesome day, with an awesome lineup of activities starting with the donut and coffee run at Kickstand in hood River at 7am. Other events: the northwest cherry festival in The Dalles, the Deschutes River Valley Time Trial bike race in Maupin, and Oregon Splitfest at Tilly Jane. On Saturday, the Cherry Festival footrace happens in The Dalles at Dry Hollow Elementary at 8. Big Winds celebrates earth day with free electric bike demos and food and drink Saturday from 10 to 4.

Random Morning Thoughts


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Have an awesome day today!