Tuesday. 10/29. Gorge wind. Cold. Events. Mt. Hood snow.

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 October 29, 2013

It’s fall now, and that means it’s time for … more windsurfing and kiting! No, silly. It’s time to think about skiing.

You can get the best Mt. Hood snow forecast right here, all winter long, starting around November 15th. Bookmark this page. Come back for snow!

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Random Morning Thoughts

Brrr. 30 degrees this morning. Glad I went on a pear and apple rescue mission yesterday evening.

Cool local business – please support them!

There are some businesses that are just plain awesome. Dirt Hugger is one. Too much food waste at your business or municipality? Dirt Hugger will take it away! All that food waste becomes food-for-your-garden compost. Temira’s guerilla garden agrees: Dirt Hugger compost is the best! Pick it up or have it delivered. Call them today, and make your garden happy with a winter layer of compost: 541.9four6.347eight.

Wind guessings, prognosticatings and musings

Light east wind is the call today as high pressure holds over the inland areas. Expect freezing cold east wind this morning at 13-15, becoming just-plain-chilly east wind at 13-15 later today. As a warm front pushes inland tomorrow, we’ll see westerlies pick up to 23-26 starting mid-morning.

Frontal wind doesn’t tend to be all that reliable or steady, but I still think we’ll see a couple hours of good wind. Stevenson will get it first. Then the Hatch. Then further east. And the wind will last longest east of The Dalles tomorrow. The wind will continue at gusty W 15-18 on Thursday.

Next chance for a big west wind day is on Saturday.

Today’s Gorge Wind
Your favorite beach Dawn
Steven’s Locks E 5-10 E 13-15 E 15-18 E 13-15
Rooster’s Rocks E 5-10 E 13-15 E 15-18 E 13-15

Plain old weather and Mt. Hood snow

As you may have noticed, it’s damned chilly outside this morning, chilly enough that I’m wearing full 200 weight wool long undies and a down jacket and Seahawks (7-1) beanie inside my house. This sub-freezing weather won’t stick around long (sadly, because I really want to wear my thrift shop fur coat), but the sunshine should stick around today. Enjoy it, because it’s one of the last sunny days.

We’ll see high clouds move in midday tomorrow, followed by low clouds and sprinkles tomorrow night and Thursday. Friday looks not-so-bad, but a very wet and windy system moves in Saturday. And after that, it looks like we’re in a wet weather pattern for the extended period.

On Mt. Hood, you can expect rain with the Wed/Thur system, with the snow level around 7500′. The Saturday system starts out with the snow level around 7500′, but as the low center passes, the snow level will drop to 5000′, giving the higher resorts a good shot of snow in leftover NW flow. However, the next potent system, on Monday, looks to be warmer, with the snow level around 7500′ again.

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Oh man did I freeze my (nonexistent) balls off riding to Rowena Crest yesterday. Two jerseys, arm warmers, and full-length tights didn’t cut it with that chilly northeast wind. Be careful of frost if you’re out riding at high elevations in the shade today, and watch out for freeze-thaw on south-facing slopes of dirt trails. And get yourself mountain biking NOW, because we have a lot of water headed our way next week.

Events – email me if I’ve missed any outdoor-related events

I don’t have much on my calendar for next weekend yet. I know there’s stuff I’m missing, so please email me and let me know. I do know that Mt. Hood Meadows is having a winter kickoff event at the resort Saturday and Sunday. If you have a pass, you can score extra discounts on gear. I’m trying to determine exactly which gear, but haven’t heard back yet.

If you want a pass to Meadows, purchase it before the end of the day Sunday, because prices go up after November 3rd.

Thursday, in case you didn’t already know, is Halloween.

And one last thing: we change the clocks this weekend, going back to standard time and evening darkness. Total garbage, if you ask me. I’ll take that evening light over morning light any day.

Have an awesome day today!