Sunday. 9/15. Gorge wind. Events. Ohio-like weather.

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 September 15, 2013

Thank you for using this forecast! Your donations keep this forecast going – nobody but you pays me to do this. So why is it here? This forecast started as a way for me to find better wind in the summer and better snow in the winter. Seemed silly to keep that information to myself, so it’s here for you too (almost) every day. Donate to keep it going! Make a $12 or larger donation by clicking on the sun and you’re on the email list for a year. No dealing with the twice-yearly pledge drive. Sometimes I even have prizes to give away from the email list sponsors. Thank you again for your support! Enjoy the snow and wind and sun!

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Random Morning Thoughts
When I woke up this morning, it was 67 degrees with 81% humidity and a dewpoint of 61. That’s not going to be pleasant when it warms up a few more degrees. Even now, as I write this report, I feel the humidity.

Wind forecast

Thank god it’s going to be windy today, because 80 degrees with a dewpoint of 61 would be nearly unbearable. That’s a three shower kind of day, at least. I’m going with the river shower today. As of 8am, we had a .07 gradient from Portland to The Dalles, enough for up-and-down 20-23 at the Hatchery. You can expect the wind to hold in the 20-23ish range, albeit a very gusty 20-23, until early afternoon. At that point, the offshore low heads east, and the wind picks up to gusty 25-29 from Stevenson to Mosier. Beaches further east are dependent on the development of thunderstorms and rain.

Tomorrow will be cooler and cloudier, with westerlies at 14-17 under clouds in the western Gorge and 17-21 early, picking up to 21-24 east of Mosier in the afternoon. At this point, it looks like we’ll see 17-21 on Tuesday, but that could change, as models have been all over the place.

Today’s Gorge Wind
Your favorite beach Dawn
Steven’s Locks W 5-10 light E 14-17 E 14-17
Hatch (subtract a few mph for Event Site) W 10-15 light light E 0-5
Doug’s / Rowena / Lyle 10-15 light light light
Maryhill / Rufus / The Wall 10-15 light light light
Arlington / Roosevelt 10-15 light light light

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Stuff happening

First things first today: If you have a chanterelle spot, go on a Search and Rescue mission today, because if it truly does rain this evening, your chanterelles will be ruined. Get them now.

In less dramatic events today, the DoubleCross Cyclocross race continues today at Hood River High School. Also today, it’s the Cascade to Crown bike ride from Cascade Locks, with options of 10-62 miles. And for a mellower time, walk across the Bridge of the Gods today, closed to traffic between 10am and 11am.

For you runners today, there’s a 3k/5k/10k race at the west end of the Twin Tunnels Trail this morning. All proceeds go to the Mosier School, so you’ll be racing and contributing to a good cause.

And finally, one more thing in bike world: the Bachelor bike park opened yesterday. For $29 you can ride the lifts and rip some trails. And don’t forget that, closer to home, Skibowl also has lift-serve (no, that is not like soft serve – it’s way more delicious) mountain biking for $30 a day.

Have an awesome day today!