Sunday, 7/14. Gorge wind, French language torturing, and a chance to help out a fellow human.

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 July 14, 2013

It’s Pledge Drive Month

Thanks for coming here for your forecast. It’s time for the summer pledge drive! “WHAT?”, you say, “I thought this was free!” It is. But I write the forecast every day – it takes a lot of time and energy. It’s my job, and you’re my employers! Here’s the deal: Every day someone has to pledge. If not, no website forecast: only the people on the email list get their forecast. Want on that list? Make a donation – whatever it’s worth to you for forecasts that find you fun and save you gas – $12 or more gets you on the list! Do it via PayPal/CC by clicking on the sun. Thank you so much for your support, and have a wonderful summer!

Fine print: pledges must total $15 or more for the forecast to appear the following day. Thank you!!

Tomorrow’s forecast status:
Thank you Patti, Michael and Steve!

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Good morning,

You know you like photos of yourself windsurfing or kiting. Or skiing. Or snowboarding. If you ride Meadows, you know Grant Myrdal. You’ve seen the blue flags on the good days. Well, those blue flags are in the Gorge now, and Grant and his team are out shooting photos of YOU ripping it up. This is more PSA than advertising, cuz we all love photos. Grant’s out there like Waldo. Find him. And don’t forget to smile. Smiles make photos prettier. We’re giving away two photos (of you, duh) on the email list. Yeah, Grant! =) .

Temira’s random morning thoughts

It’s a lovely glassy morning, beautiful for a road ride or a SUP. Get out and enjoy it, and if you have a chance to swing by KB4C today, do it. What a fantastic event for a great cause! And if the darn wind would pick up, they could get some work done down there. If not… well, at least they’ll be able to pull of the “Never-Ever Windsurfed” race at some point today. Thanks, Tonia Farman, Ms. KB4C, for all you do!

Wind forecast

We’ll start out with another glassy morning in the Gorge, so it’s a great day for standup paddling and road biking and kayaking and just plain hanging out and drinking a cup of coffee outside without the wind blowing your java east. Get your no-wind stuff in this mroning, because the wind will pick up by noon. By 2pm, expect 9-13 from Stevenson to Hood River, slowly picking up to 15-18 by 5pm, with 17-21 possible out at Lyle/Rowena/Doug’s.

Tomorrow starts with W 10-15, but we’ll see the wind back off quickly, leaving us with light easterlies. Tuesday looks like an east wind day, with low twenties at Stevenson and Hood River.

You’ll find N wind at 20-25 at the coast, pretty much everywhere, today, with a NW swell at 5′ at 7 seconds. Tomorrow looks lighter out there, with N wind at 17-21, with seas at 4-5′ at 7 seconds.

Today’s Gorge Wind
Your favorite beach Dawn
Stevenson light 0-5 W 9-13 13-16
Hatch (subtract a few mph for Event Site) light 0-5 9-13 13-16
Doug’s / Rowena / Lyle light light 9-13 13-16++
Maryhill / Rufus / The Wall light light light light
Arlington / Roosevelt light light light light

The Clymb: free membership. Cheap gear. Temira approves. Click to join.

Bike News

It turns out there are two work parties on the SuperConnector trail today. The first meets at Little John at 9am. The second meets at Dirty Fingers at 9am, watches Le Tour De France, eats beignets, speaks in French to Mitchell Buck because he dislikes the French language, and then, sometime this afternoon, heads up to the SuperConnector trail for actual real-live trail work.

In theory, there will be bike riding after the work party.

Very Important News

This morning’s glassy weather is perfect for Windance’s SUP demo. Swing by the north side of the Nichols Boat Basin between 10am and 2 today for free demos of Jimmy Lewis SUP boards. The Jimmy Lewis van will be there with tons of boards and paddles – bring a life jacket if you have one.

This morning’s glassy weather is not-so-perfect for the Laser Pacific Coast Championships happening in Cascade Locks…

If you’re bored this afternoon, check out pickup touch rugby at the Mosier School at 3 or try pickup Ultimate Frisbee at 4 at the Hood River Marina.

Many of you have heard that local windsurfer and artist Kathy Watne was injured in an accident at the Event Site last week. She’s in the hospital in Portland and is slowly healing, but it will be a long battle. If you would like to give her a card or make a donation, card and donation baskets are in place at Pine St Bakery and the Columbia Center for the Columbia Arts. There’s also a Facebook Page for Kathy if you’d like to sign up to drop off food, water her garden or just plan help out. Send Kathy some LOVE!

Have an awesome day today!