Mommy Loop

Distance: 12.2 miles
Elevation Gain: 783′ (mapmyride), 900′ (Temira’s gps)

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Mommy doesn’t have a lot of time. Mommy has to pick up the kids and go shopping and make dinner and go to PTA and HRATS meetings. Mommy grabs the rest of the mommies and heads out for a quick ride. No joking, this is the ride the Hood River moms do when they’re short on time. No, it’s the ride we all do when we’re short on time. It also makes a decent recovery ride; it’s a close to flat as any ride in Hood River.

Park at Wal-Mart so you can do your shopping after you ride. Or so you can park where there aren’t parking meters. Or just park on Wasco Street.

Head west on Wasco Ave toward N Rand Rd 
0.04mi – Turn left onto N Rand Rd
0.26mi – Head south on Rand Rd
0.6mi – Turn right onto May St 
1.36mi – Turn left onto Frankton Rd 
2.11mi – Continue onto Multnomah Rd
2.85mi – Turn left onto Methodist Rd 
3.35mi – Turn right onto Barrett Dr 
3.61mi – Turn left onto Markham Rd
4.61mi – Turn right onto Portland Dr 
5.11mi – Turn left onto Kenwood Dr
5.36mi – Turn right onto Reed Rd
6.43mi – Turn right onto Country Club Rd 
8.53mi – Head north on Sunset Rd toward Riordan Hill Dr 
8.74mi – Turn right onto Riordan Hill Dr 
9.06mi – Turn left on Country Club Rd
9.64mi – Head east on Belmont Dr toward Methodist Rd 
10.09mi – Turn left onto Frankton Rd 
Retrace your tracks – right on May Street and then a left on Rand.

One hour or so. Just enough time for mommy and friends to get out on bikes before picking the kids up at school.

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