Cinco de Mayo Forecast

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 May 5, 2011

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Good morning,

Today’s going to be another windy day in the Gorge as a weather system moves across the Cascades. We’ll start with 17-19 this morning from Stevenson to Mosier. As the system moves in, the wind will shift east to Rowena, where it will be gusty, and then out to Maryhill and Arlington, where it will blow 24-27, possibly hitting the 28-32 range at Arlington late in the afternoon.

The west wind continues tomorrow, but will be lighter with low pressure off the coast. The wind will be gusty 10-15 with a chance of 17-20 in the afternoon tomorrow. If I were you, I’d make plans other than windsurfing or kiting tomorrow.

Saturday and Sunday look rather winter-like, with rain showers and cold temperatures. If you want to chase after some weak, gusty wind on the weekend, you’re welcome to, but I think there will be other, more amusing things to do, like going whitewater rafting…. Although that sounds pretty cold too…

Meadows will be open both days this weekend, and it looks like they’ll see a mix of rain and snow on Saturday, or maybe even all snow, up to 3-4”, with snow on Sunday with the snow level at a really astounding 2000’ or so and 5-7” of new. It looks like the wind will be pretty light on the mountain both days, hitting the 15-25mph range at most.

But more importantly than all that weather is the fact that the dirt’s in great shape for mountain biking. Tonight’s a special Post and Pint ride out of Dirty Fingers. Mitchell will be leading the tour of legal trails tonight, showing you exactly which trails in Post Canyon’s hot lap are legal to ride. So, show up and ride with the Dirty Fingers gang tonight and get your education, along with a pint. And speaking of riding, the Super D is as good as it’s going to be all year, so if you have time for 3000’ of climbing and descending, hit it today.

Have a great day today!


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