7/21 Forecast

West winds make a bit of a comeback late today, as Portland hovers in the upper eighties and The Dalles reaches for 100 degrees. With the heat low in the east and high pressure at the coast, winds can’t help but pick up later. We’ll see 17-21 or so, mid afternoon onward, from Stevenson out to Mosier.

A weak weather disturbance disturbs the status quo on Tuesday night, setting up stronger west gradients for Wednesday. I’m thinking we’ll see 22-25 to start, with winds holding through the day, and spreading eastward as far as Maryhill late in the evening. Thursday’s looking like a carbon copy of Wednesday, with low-to-mid twenties wind through the Gorge.

Weather models past tomorrow aren’t agreeing, so I can’t really hazard a guess for wind in the extended period. Stay tuned tomorrow for the extended forecast.

If you’re a surfer, keep an eye on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Magic Seaweed (but not NOAA) is calling for a south swell headed our way. Friday’s 9@13, Saturday’s 9@17 (wow!) and Sunday’s 7@16 (perfect?).

In non-wind news, the Hood River County fair starts on Wednesday. There’s going to be delicious food, fun rides, and plenty of other cool stuff going on. Also tomorrow is the Hood River Yacht club’s Wednesday night sailboat races. If you’ve got some experience, you can probably crew on a boat. Just wander the Hood River marina around 5:30 tomorrow evening and ask around.

Also on Wednesday is the movie Rabbit Proof Fence at the Columbia center for the arts. It’s a fabulous movie, and totally worth your time. That’s 7;30 tomorrow. Don’t miss it!

And whatever you do today, have an awesome day!


Freeform Forecast 7/20

Hello everyone!

I slept in this morning, so the forecast is late. Again. And then I headed down to the coffee shop with my other laptop, the one without the text forecast from the radio. So you get a real forecast today. Good thing it’s not really windy, because this will take a while.

It’s going to be hot today, and gradients will remain light all day. Even so, I think we’ll see a little thermal wind down in Stevenson in the 17-20 range.

It’ll be hot tomorrow. And hot the next day. And…. well, you get the picture. The good thing is that we’ll have a bit of a thermal gradient to go along with the heat on Tuesday and Wednesday. I think we’ll see 16-19 late tomorrow afternoon in the Corridor and at Stevenson. Wednesday looks a little stronger, probably 22-25 in the Hood River and Stevenson regions.

And that’s about all I’m going to write for today. I’m sitting at Doppio with friends, and it’s hard to talk to them if I’m talking to all of you (except I’m with Ben Dale and Dana Miller, and they’re both on this list.)

Have a great day today!