5/28 Forecast

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 May 28, 2011

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Good morning,

The wind will be light this morning, in the 0-10 range. As low pressure off the coast moves east during the day, the wind will pick up to 13-15 by midday and 17-21 late. The strongest wind will be east of Hood River in the afternoon (probably Mosier-Maryhill), with 13-15 in the western Gorge all day.

Tomorrow looks much windier as high pressure builds at the coast in the afternoon. It’s going to be cloudy early, so the strongest wind will probably be at Rowena and Maryhill tomorrow. Expect 17-20 early, picking up to 25-28 in the afternoon. Monday’s not looking very windy, as another low pressure system develops on the coast.

Most of you kiters and windsurfers have probably heard this, but the east end of the Event Site is open for kite launching until June 10th due to the high water. The Marina will be open even later than that. Thank the CGWA board and the Event Site windsurfers for making this happen, so all of you be good neighbors and help each other out.

The mountain biking trails are pretty muddy right now, so Syncline is your best bet. Plus, the Super D is at Post this weekend. However, there are free Turner Bike demos at Post Canyon today and tomorrow. The times aren’t set because the rep is riding the Super D, but if you want to try these cool made-in-Portland bikes, give Mountain View a call at 386-bike.

If you’d rather ride than demo, the road ride of the day, thanks to Jeremy Bishop, is Canyon Road to the Klickitat-Appleton Road back down to Lyle. And yes, it’s swept of gravel and quite beautiful. If you’d rather watch some cool biking stuff than ride your bike, swing by Double Mountain from 3-6 for the dual street slalom biking comp.

Finally, the White Salmon is at 4 ¾ft, the Wind is at 5.5ft, the Hood’s at 5.3ft and the Klickitat’s at 3400cfs. Wet Planet still has spots on the Wind trip (like how I only mention the availability of the class V trip?) today and tomorrow, but it’s meeting at 9am, so if you want to go today, you’d better hurry.


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