5/26 Gorge wind and everything forecast

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 May 26, 2012

Good morning,

It’s time for you to learn to kiteboard. Ok, maybe you already kiteboard, but now it’s time for your friends to kiteboard. If you’re going to do it, do it with the best: Cascade Kiteboarding. All on-water lessons are one-on-one classes, the instructors use radio helmets rather than hollering over the wind, and top-of-the-line gear makes it easy and safe for you to learn. Radio helmets + one-on-one instruction + jet skis = fast progression and sooner kiteboarding radness for you!
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In wind news today, it’s a lot like yesterday, with that big old low pressure system in Idaho/Nevada messing with the weather picture. The models were right yesterday and I was wrong – there was 20-30mph north wind on the river out east.

Anyway, today in the Central Gorge, we’ll have 10-15 in the morning, picking up a little bit to 14-17 this afternoon. Out in the desert: more weird north wind. The low exits stage right tomorrow, so we’ll see a return to west wind. However, a front coming through during the day is going to diminish wind quality. You can expect 23-26 from Hood River to Maryhill in the morning, picking up at Stevenson and Arlington to 26-30 in the afternoon. Expect other locals to back off and get gusty. Memorial Day starts off light with westerlies rising to the mid-twenties in the afternoon.

For you kiters, Windance hosts an Ocean Rodeo demo at the Event Site starting at 11am today, but before you go there, make sure you help out with CGKA’s work party at Rowena starting at 9am. There’s a customer appreciation event of sorts at Windance this afternoon, followed by a kite movie at the Pint Shack tonight.

In trails news, today is IMBA’s free trail building school at the Mt. Hood Town Hall. If you’re a biker or horseman or a dirt biker who’s interested in building trails that will last, come to this all-day class. You’ll learn from the best, for free, and by the end the day, you’ll have just enough information to be dangerous to your own backyard.

The Mt. Hood Cycling Classic crew brings you today’s road update: There are two 100 yard long patches of deep snow on Vista Ridge and Red Hill, so it’s not open, but it’s close, and if you are rad enough, you could probably climb through the snow, or if you’re even radder, you could ride through it. Lake Branch is snowy about a mile from the top. Remember, the Mt. Hood Cycling Classic always needs volunteers…

Finally, make sure you swing by Tum-a-lum today for their 100th birthday celebration for weekend folks.

Have an awesome day today!


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