4/8 Mt. Hood snow, Gorge wind and crazy April weather

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 April 8, 2013

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
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Good morning,

Good morning,

First off today, mark your calendar for the HRATS / HRC Seven Streams tree planting party on Saturday, meeting at 9am at the bottom of Post Canyon Road. Spread the word, because this is going to be a fun event!

Next, if you read NOAA’s long-range forecast discussion this morning, you’ll see this: “IT APPEARS TO BE ANOTHER UNSEASONABLY COOL WEEKEND WITH PLENTY OF SHOWERS AROUND AND SNOW LEVELS DOWN INTO THE FOOTHILL ELEVATIONS.” They type in all caps with no commas or apostrophes. Government rule of some sort. Anyway, there should be an exclamation point and a ‘WARNING!!!’ in that sentence, because as written, it doesn’t sound like much. It’s actually a pretty striking weather event headed our way.

If the extended models are correct, we are in for some f**king cold weather next Sunday/Monday. I mean really cold. Like highs below freezing kind of cold. Like ‘put your snow tires back on’ kind of cold. Protect your garden kind of cold. Geez am I glad I spent half a day building a cold frame!

In the meantime, this is going to be a fun weather week, especially if you’re into wind sports. Today in the Gorge, expect temps in the low 40’s, rising to the low 50’s. Wind will pick up to W 28-33, strongest at Lyle/Doug’s/Rowena and possibly Maryhill. As of 6am, Hood River was partly cloudy, meaning we’ll likely see gusty 15-19 here. With the Columbia at 247,000cfs right now, conditions should be good in the Maryhill stretch of the river. Last I checked, the river was 46 degrees.

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Tomorrow brings high clouds. Temps will be in the low 40’s early and upper 50’s late. Wind will be W 10-15 early, picking up to gusty 23-26 in the afternoon from Stevenson to Arlington, steadiest at Stevenson.

Wednesday looks like another great wind sport day as high pressure builds behind a passing weather system. Temps will be in the upper 40’s early and mid 50’s late, with rain in the central Gorge. Head east of The Dalles for 30-35mph after 11am.

The Mt. Hood snow forecast contains rain, but more snow returns in the long range. Today looks mostly clear with a few orographic flurries possible. The freezing level will be 1500′ early, rising to 2500′. Wind will be NW 30-40 early, fading to NW 20-25 by noon. No accumulation.

Tuesday sees significant warming: The freezing level will be 3000′ early, rising to 11,000′ by 5pm under high clouds with a few sprinkles possible in the afternoon. Wind will be NW 10 for much of the day, picking up to NW 30 in the afternoon.

Rain falls on Wednesday, probably starting around 8am. The freezing level will be 12,000′ early, 7000′ at 11am and 5500′ at 2pm, falling further to 3000′ at 5pm. Unfortunately, the moisture will come before the freezing level drops, and 1” of rain will fall on Mt. Hood. We’ll see a trace of snow at the end of this system. Wind will be W 35-40 early, W 45-50 midday and W 40 late in the afternoon.

Don’t panic. Thursday looks clear and cold, so it’ll be mega-icy on Mt. Hood, but if the long-range models are correct, more snow will fall Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Have an awesome day today!