3/13 Forecast (come on lucky thirteen. Bring snow)

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 March 13, 2011

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Good morning!

I feel like I’m missing an hour. Anyone else?

It’s snowing from about 4000’ up right now, and that’s better than expected. However, the snow level is supposed to rise to 5500’ today, rising further to 6500’ by noon before dropping to 4000’ by 7pm. We’ll see light to moderate precip before the snow level drops, for .5” water value for a couple inches of very wet snow mixed with periods of rain and then another .5” after the snow level drops for 4-6” overnight. Winds will be SSW 20-30 early, building to SW 50-60 up high by noon, going to WSW 40-50 around 8pm.

The snow level will crash overnight, hitting 2500’ by tomorrow morning. By noon it will be at 3500’, rising to 5000’ by midnight. We’ll see snow showers all day tomorrow for .25-.5” of water value and 3-5” of new snow. Winds tomorrow will be SW 35-45 early, falling to SW 25-35 midday, dropping to 15-20 late.

Tuesday still looks marginal, with the snow level at 5500’ early, 5000’ by noon and 4000’ in the evening. At this point, I think we’ll see snow starting in the wee hours with total accumulation of 1.25-1.5” of water for 8-12” of new, half of which will fall during the day and half overnight. Winds will be nice and strong, SW 40-50 early dropping to 35-40 by 11am.

Wednesday morning sees the snow level fall to 1500’-2000’, holding all day, with another .25-.5” for 4-6” of new snow with SW wind at 30-40 for most of the day.


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