2/20 Mt. Hood storm skiing, Upper Valley snow, and Gorge wind.

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 February 20, 2013


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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
4a-8a 8a-12p 12p-4p 4p-8p 8p-4a

Good morning,

This is it, suntan-sporting sun-worshipers. Your last day to bask under the blazing ball. One last chance to let your skin digest sun and convert it to Vitamin D. Do it today. Do it this morning. Do it now!

In Gorge weather today, cold temps this morning give way to mid-forties later. Clouds replace the blue sky around 1pm. Light wind this morning picks up to gusty 23-26 this afternoon from Stevenson to The Dalles, likely steadiest in Stevenson. We’ll see sprinkles overnight. *Thursday looks cloudy with sprinkles in the Gorge. It’ll be in the upper thirties in the morning and low forties in the afternoon. The snow level will be at 500-1000′, meaning Odell and Parkdale will see an inch or so of snow tomorrow, followed by an inch or two Thursday night. Wind will be gusty W at 26-30 east of Hood River. *Friday morning starts with rain in the Gorge and continues with more rain in the Gorge. Friday will finish with even more rain. Goodbye bike trails. I’ll miss you. The rain may start off as snow in Parkdale. River level will be in the upper 30’s in the morning and near 50 in the afternoon. Expect very strong west wind east of Hood River Friday afternoon, evening, and overnight, along with Saturday morning.

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Up on Mt. Hood, the end of the sun is also near. Expect sun this morning, high clouds this afternoon and snow starting around 4pm. The freezing level today will be 1500′ early, dropping to 1000′ tonight. The mountain will see .3-.4” water value (WV) tonight, for 3-5” of new by Thursday morning. Wind today will be NW 15-20 in the morning, W 15 midday and W 20 overnight.

Thursday starts off with high clouds on Mt. Hood, with snow starting around 10am. The snow level will be 500′ early, rising to 1000′ in the afternoon. Mt. Hood sees .4” WV by 4pm, for 4-5” of new, and then another .6” overnight, for 6-8” of new. Wind Thursday will be W 25 early, WNW 30 mid-morning and W 40 after 4pm. The night skiing Thursday night should be great, with fresh track refills.

Friday looks … interesting … as in the old Chinese curse, “may you live in interesting times…” It’ll be snowing first thing in the morning. However, a block of warm air overhead sends the snow level from 1500′ at 4am to 5500′ at 10am, 6000′ at 1pm, and then returning cold air sends it quickly back to 1500′ by 7pm. Now, here’s the thing: we’ll see 1-1.5” WV between 4am and 4pm, which will probably fall as 2-4” of snow followed by rain. After 4pm, we should see a switch to all snow, for 1” WV and 8-10” of new overnight. Along with the snow/rain, we get wind: W 30 early, W 40 mid-morning, ramping up to a blistering W 50-55 from 1pm on through the rest of the evening.

Saturday looks like a powder day, with lots of new on the ground, the snow level at 500-1000′ all day, and continuing snowfall: .5” by 4pm, for 5-7” of new, followed by another .3-.4” in the evening, for 3-6” of new. Wind on Saturday will be WNW 40 early, WNW 40 at 10am, slowly dropping to WNW 30 at 7pm. Lighter snowfall and lesser wind are the picture for Sunday.

Have an awesome day today!