11/3 Forecast

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 November 3, 2011

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For those of you as out of the loop as I am, don’t forget that tonight is the Hood River Fashion show at the Hood River Inn, starting at 7pm (doors at 6pm). Fashion, of course, is a big part of this evening, but it’s really about seeing your friends and supporting a good cause: The Hood River Christmas Project. Dress up in your finest clothes (Sunday best if you’re a Baptist, Saturday best if you’re an Adventist, and Friday best if you’re Jewish) and pick up a ticket just about anywhere downtown.

What’s the Hood River Christmas project? It’s a local charity that provides holiday food and children’s presents to families in need.

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In weather news, did you see the big blob of winter approaching on the radar image last night? The big mass of red, orange, and yellow was headed our way, promising an end to riding in Post Canyon for the season, and then – bam – the rainy system plowed into the Cascades and stopped, leaving us high and dry with only .01” of rain. I guess that means Post Canyon is still near-perfect. Go get it while it’s still available. Next chance for rain: Saturday afternoon.

For wind, we’ll see gusty west wind at 10-15 today. High pressure off the coast tomorrow gives us gusty westerlies east of Hood River at 17-20. Saturday and Sunday bring light wind, possibly east wind, as a low pressure system rotates off the coast, keeping the gradient weak and sending showers over the region.

In other news, tomorrow is First Friday in Hood River. Saturday brings a trail work party at the Syncline to reroute off private land near the Brown House. Sunday brings a work party at Cascade Locks to finish the first part of the 26 mile CLIMB trail system.

In political news, it’s a busy weekend. Occupy Mosier (not sure what you’re supposed to Occupy in Mosier, but I saw a sign saying it’s on) happens on Friday. Saturday is National Bank Transfer Day, when you can move your money into your local community credit union and let your “too-big-to-fail bank” know what you think of its business practices. Or better yet, take out a loan at your local credit union, because that’s what they really need right now. Sunday, last I checked, was Occupy Hood River day. I’ll be occupying Portland Ski Fever along with Meadows this weekend, so you crazy kids have fun.


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