11/22 forecast

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 November 22, 2010

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Good morning!

As you might have guessed, things get a little crazy for me when Meadows opens. My weekends become all-day work affairs, making putting out the forecast a tricky proposition.

Now that it’s Monday, the forecast is back, just in time for snow at low elevations.

Models are showing continued light west gradients through the Gorge, which isn’t actually the best setup for sticking snowfall near Hood River. East winds that draw cold, continental air into the wind tunnel do a better job of generating significant snowstorms. This cold air is coming from the north on both sides of the Cascades. Anyway, enough of the boring details. We’ll see a little bit of snow in the Gorge, but more snow on the mountain.

Speaking of snow, you should head to your favorite ski resort today. Well, maybe not Timberline, as it’s blowing 50mph, but perhaps Meadows. They have 9” of new according to telemetry, but my secret inside sources report 12-14”. It’s blowing hard up there too, but it looks like the lifts will still run. If you don’t like storm skiing, we’ll see lots of snow on the slopes tonight for a bluebird (or at least less stormy) day tomorrow. There’s not much snow in the forecast until the end of the week.

I know there are some of you who want a wind forecast, but you’re not getting one. It’s cold. Okay, okay. If you insist, it doesn’t look like we’ll see much wind in the next couple of days, as cold air on both sides of the Gorge equalizes gradients, for the most part.

Anyway, enjoy the incoming snow and have an awesome day today!


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