7.2 forecast

High pressure holds sway today, sending temperatures soaring into the 90s, calming gorge winds and sending you running into the nearest body of cool water. The earliest opportunity for wind is Satuday morning, as a weak marine push hits the coast. Even so, it doesn’t look like a big day, but maybe if we all cross our fingers, the marine push will be stronger than expected.

In the meantime, there’s plenty to do.

First off, today is the Butterfly Effect. All waterwomen are welcome to come along for a stand=up paddle around Wells island. Meet at Big Winds at 10am. If you don’t have a board, you can rent one for just $10 for the trip. And if you’re working today, there’s a party at Brian’s Pourhousetonight for all Gorge waterwomen.

Also today is the Dirty Diva mountain bike ride on Hospital Hill. Again, women only. Meet at Discover Bikes at 8:45. This evening is the Post and Pint Ride, a quick lap around Post Canyon followed by social hour at Dirty Fingers Bike Repair. Meet at 5:30 at Dirty Fingers. Everyone is welcome for the Post and Pint.

Also tonight is the Hood River Triathlon. Meet at the Event Site at 5:45… or meet at the event Site tonight for Big Wind’s standup paddle races.

Finally, some love for you whitewater boaters: The Hood’s at 3.4 feet, the White Salmn’s at 2.3 feet, and the Little Whites at 330 cfs.

Enjoy the sun today, and have an awesome day!


Happy July Forecast

Good morning Gorge sun worshippers!

Break out your sunscreen and bikini and your cooler of cold beverages, because the first heat wave of the summer is here. Gorge westerlies give up the ghost for the next few days, crushed under the oppressive power of 95 degree air. Kiters, windsurfers, and wind forecasters can rest their weary bodies. Everyone else can enjoy the Gorge’s fabulous beaches, wind free!

Don’t think you get to sit around in the freezing cold, air-conditioned, Hood River post office chatting with the friendly employees – instead, you windsport people are going to do something else… unless you want to drive to Florence, where it’s 25-30 today and 20-25 tomorrow, with a head-high swell.

And now on to way-too-technologically advanced section of the forecast:

There might be enough east winds at rooster or Stevenson for some kiting or slalom sailing the next few days. Check wind-on-the-water dot com for free windspeeds. If you find wind, tweet about it. Add hastag Gorgewind so everyone else can find it.

Most likely it’s just going to be perfect standup paddle and wakeboard weather the next few days.

Otherwise, road biking is always super fun in the early mornings. Make yourself ride somewhere to get a morning cup of coffee. This is good in two ways. First, you’ll be too asleep to notice the workout on the way to the coffeeshop. Second, you’ll be wide awake and caffeine-powered on the way home.

Whatever you do today, have an awesome day!