7/13 Gorge wind and events

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 July 13, 2012

Good morning,

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Oh wow. I’m glad everyone loves Seven Streams so much. I’ve been bombarded with questions about the impending logging operation everywhere I go. Instead of answering them all individually, I put a post up at the HRATS website.

Next, an important announcement: your chance to be heard is Sunday. Jeff Merkley will be in Hood River (with his EV – thank god we have an EV charging station) on Sunday. 3-4pm, Hood River Middle School.

Third, there’s an aurora alert posted for tomorrow and Sunday nights. It is possible they’ll be visible even in California, so it’s worth turning your eyes to the northern sky the next two nights.

With all that out of the way, we move on to the forecast: It’s going to be another windy day in the Gorge. .15 gradient to start… that’s big! We’ll start with west wind at 17-20 near Hood River this morning, picking up to 24-28 mid-morning (with possible stronger periods) and filling in out to Doug’s and Rowena in the afternoon.

Tomorrow marks the start of Kiteboarding for Cancer at Hood River’s Event Site, and once again, the good deed karma is giving the organizers plenty of wind. They’ll have perfect kite wind tomorrow with westerlies at 15-18 early, picking up to 17-21, or maybe 21-24 The wind tomorrow will be focused from Stevenson to Hood River in the monring, and it will fill in out to The Dalles later.

On Sunday morning, very strong high pressure sets up off the coast and teams up with low pressure in Idaho for a really windy day. 30+ seems like a reasonable call for the dawn patrol, and 30-35 through the morning looks likely from Hood River to Arlington.

In events, this weekend is the Enduro Race in Post Canyon. If you’re up there, or in any other forest area, remember that you need a shovel and water in your car due to fire danger. Either that or a fire extinguisher.

Don’t forget: Kiteboarding for Cancer is all weekend long. It kicks off tonight with a party at the British Pub in Hood River at 8:30. Then tomorrow and Sunday, there’s kite racing, music, a beer garden, and food at the Event Site. And don’t forget to drop off cookies sometime before 11am.

Have an awesome day today!