6/15 Gorge wind, events, and pig roast.

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 June 15, 2012

Good morning,

Pig Roast for the Pool, Saturday. Brought to you by Henni’s In Washington? Hungry? Henni’s is here for you 7 days a week from 5pm-close. Chef Christiaan Erasmus earned his stars at many delicious restaurants, including Abruzzo in Hood River and Portland’s Fratelli. He’s moved on from Italian, to your benefit. At Henni’s, you’ll find curries, burgers, the obligatory delicious pasta, and all sorts of mouth-watering small plates. Prices are quite reasonable, and the drinks are delicious. Like Henni’s on Facebook and know about the daily specials. More importantly, Henni’s gives back to the community: they’re having a pig roast to benefit the White Salmon Pool. Saturday, starting at 4pm, Rheingarten Park in White Salmon. $5 gets you food. $5 gets you beer. Music by Tony Smiley. To donate to the pool, send a check to: PO Box 1746, White Salmon.

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Wind-wise, today’s nothing like yesterday, as high pressure has filled in on both sides of the Cascades, knocking the wind down a few notches. We’ll see west wind at 10-15 near Hood River this morning, backing off during the day until we see light wind. Tomorrow starts off light, but by tomorrow afternoon, we’ll have westerlies at 18-23. On Sunday, super strong west wind blows through the Gorge all the way from the west end to the east end.

For you mountain bikers, one quick clarification on yesterday’s report. The Kreps are rounding up cattle on Hospital Hill, not spraying Roundup on the poison oak, although we’d all probably prefer the second one. Apparently there was a little confusion over this. Anyway, please stay off the land until the cowboys and cattle are gone and the White Salmon Half Marathon is finished on Saturday. After that, both you and your dog are welcome back.

Speaking of the Whitee Salmon Half, it’s tomorrow. Start time is 10am at Rheingarten Park. Technically, it’s free, but it would be nice if you’d make a minimum $10 donation to the White Salmon Cross-Country team. They get no state, local, or federal funding, and they’re relying on your donations to get them through their season, so help them out!

After the race, help out the White Salmon Pool by bellying up to the Pig Roast in the Park, where $5 gets you a plate of food, $5 gets you a beer, and anything else you can donate will help keep the pool open for the summer.

For your frisbee people (Not me. I can’t throw anything worth a shit.), registration is now open for the ultimate frisbee league: Register for Gorge Ultimate here.

Have an awesome day today!


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