Your forecaster is in a mood today… 9/18

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 September 18, 2010

Good morning!

This week’s report is brought to you by … me. That’s right. It’s brought to you by Temira. Want to get a free wind forecast? You’re in the right place. Need your house cleaned? Well, Temira can do that for you too. Four years experience forecasting wind. Five years cleaning houses. Yep. You think Temira’s good at telling you where to play? She has even more experience cleaning toilets (except her own). Wind. Toilets. Temira. Have an awesome day (and hopefully you’re laughing now, because even though all of the above is true, the point was to make you laugh)…

Look, I know the weather has taken a turn for the worse, but don’t let the seasonal blues kick in with the grey skies. Get outta bed, turn on the light box, and get ready for some excellent mountain biking, fishing, standup paddling and whitewater kayaking.

If you’re looking to windsurf or kite the next couple of days, cross your fingers for a slight chance of west winds late tomorrow as a front pushes through… and that about does it for the wind forecast.

However, if you want to mountain bike, I’m issuing a tack and mud alert for all the trails, but especially Post Canyon. As of 6pm yesterday, the trails were perfect, so give them a little time to dry out this morning and then hit them midday for perfect dirt. We’re going to see a lot more rain tonight, so we’ll probably end up with super-muddy, please-don’t-ride sort of conditions tomorrow.

If you’re a cyclocross racer, the Hood River Doublecross and swap meet happens today at the Fairgrounds,

Boaters, as of 3am, the Hood River had already come up to 3.2 feet, not enough to run it, but enough to get people excited. The Klickitat was up to 760 cfs, and the Tieton is down to 1670 cfs. The White Salmon, the steady-as-she-goes river, is still around 1.7 feet.

If you are looking for something to do tonight, the SBC 10th Anniversary party and AWSI party take over the Horse and Hound Pub in Hood River.

Have a great day today! Naw, have an awesome day. Mine started out awesome. Yours should too!


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  1. Temira |

    Thank you both, and especially you, Joker. =)

  2. Gus Linssen |

    Thanks Temira for your daily reports. I know it can be a thankless job. People jumping on you when the forecast turns out to be wrong. I am here all summer every summer and I really appreciate the work you do.

  3. joker |

    Thanks for your unique and creative website your enthusiasm and good humor rubs off. The wind forecasts are much more reliable than noaa.