Yet more wind. 8/7

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 August 7, 2010

Good morning!

This week’s report is brought to you by Mosier’s gems: the Thirsty Woman, Good River restaurant and Vine 69 wine bar. If you haven’t been to the Thirsty Woman, you’re missing out. There are about 20 awesome beers on tap, casual, dog-friendly outdoor seating, and excellent $7 nachos. Coming up tomorrow is delicious brunch at Good River. Ride your bike out there and brunch is calorie-free. Kinda. One of you will win $25 at each of the three restaurants this week, so head to Mosier and support our sponsor!

If you’re a windsurfer or kiter, you’re in heaven right now as the Northwest is locked in a wind-friendly weather pattern. High pressure off the coast combines with marine clouds from a low pressure trough for westerlies into the foreseeable future.

The gradient from Portland to The Dalles at 5am was at .14, marine clouds were stacked up west of Hood River, and the wind was moaning and howling outside my window at 5am. Westerlies will blow in the 26-30 range from Viento to Mosier this morning, filling in at Doug’s, Maryhill and Arlington later on. As a front crosses the Cascades today, the wind might get gusty, but it’s going to blow all day long. My pick today is the Hatchery or Swell or the Sandbar this morning, before the front has a chance to screw things up. Either that, or cross your fingers and hope for Maryhill later on today.

Tomorrow looks windy too, with a little bit lighter start. 15-18 near Hood River early builds to 22-25 midday, eventually filling in from Stevenson out to Maryhill.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday look exactly like Sunday, and that’s as far out as I’m going to forecast.

In other news, today is the amateur competition day for the Bridge of the Gods kiteboarding festival in Stevenson. Also happening today are lots of sailboat races in Cascade Locks, bike racing in Trout Lake, Jackson’s Ride the Gorge in Hood River, and for the kids, Jr. Forest Ranger day at Skibowl. Finally, tonight, there’s the free, outdoor movie “The Dish” presented by Hood River Community Ed at Jackson Park in Hood River. Coming up next week it’s Return of the Jedi!

Boaters, the White Salmon’s just above 2 feet and the Klickitat’s at 950 cfs. The Saturday Kayak Shed shop paddle is off for the next couple of weeks, as the fearless leader Tim will be out of town.

Have an awesome day today!


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  1. Brian |

    Sounds like an employee who is very good at misinformation campaigns and not very good at progressive communication! I wouldn’t completely write off the restaurant because of this.

  2. steve |

    I thinks its great that you are attracting sponsors for your forecasts. However, I am sad to report that I had the most negative experience in my 21 years of ding in the Gorge at the restaurant of your current sponsor – The Good River in Mosier. The food is good – no question. But on the night I dined with my wife, the service was very slow and at the table next to me a couple, who I had engaged in conversation was entirely neglected. After almost 30 minutes, they got up and left never having been served. When I pointed this out to our server, she replied it was “not her table” and a few minutes later the owner actually had the nerve to come to my table and in a stern, unfriendly way chastise me for “berating her staff_ which I certainly did not do. She then said the couple left for some other reason – which is total B.S. They were 3 feet from me, they never got a phone call or anything that could have changed their plans other than the 30 minutes they spent without any service at all. Good River will never see another meal or wine purchase from me (oh yes – I bought two bottles at their place that night in addition to the meal) And they had the nerve to charge me a $10 corkage fee for drinking the wine I purchased at their own place of business. What a total lack of class.