Woops. Forgot to post this morning. 10/1

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 October 1, 2010

Good morning!

This week’s sponsor is the Gorge Challenge on 10/2 – THE ULTIMATE TEST OF ATHLETICISM – brought to you by Crossfit Hood River and 2nd Wind. There are two events. One for humans, and one for superheros. Required activities may include: carrying heavy/awkward implements such as empty kegs, flipping/running through tires, pushing weighted sleds, climbing over walls, digging/filling holes, and/or carrying another person. The great part about this event is that it’s “choose your own adventure” (remember those books?), meaning you’ll have a list of activities to choose from (you’ll see it Friday night), and you can pick which to complete based on what you think will earn you the most points. And if you just want to watch, I’m betting Jeri could use a few volunteers to help out! The person who emails Jeri via her website with the best reason why they should get to enter for free gets to enter for free.

It’s the first of October today, and that means it’s the first day of ski season. No, seriously. If you have a Fusion Pass, you can start using it at Timberline today.

If you want to start the daily doubles early this year, head to T-Line this morning for skiing and head to the Columbia River this afternoon for windsurfing or kiting. Although the wind is light this morning, and the gradient is near zero, an approaching front will make the westerlies pick up this afternoon. Because of the dynamic nature of this setup, the strongest, steadiest wind, in the 18-21 range, will likely be at Stevenson, Mosier, Doug’s and later in the day, Rufus. The Hatchery and sandbar see 13-15 today.

It looks like we’ll see west winds in the upper teens both tomorrow and Sunday.

If you’re looking for something to do tonight, it’s First Friday in Hood River. Head downtown for art, snacks and cool people. If you’re beat up, you can head over to Columbia Gorge Community Acupuncture for free pokings between 3pm and 8pm. Also tonight, leaving 10 Speed West at 5pm, it’s a tandem-only casual bike ride brought to you by Gorge Velo.

Coming up this weekend, there are several fun things going on. Starting today, it’s the Dirty Fingers 3rd Annual Campapalooza and Customer Appreciation party at Oak Ridge, with food and drink provided by Dirty Fingers. Tomorrow is the Gorge Challenge, a choose-your-own-adventure athletic challenge at various areas of the Hood River Waterfront. Also tomorrow is a CGWA Beach cleanup at Doug’s from 9 to noon. Take this chance to give back to your beaches. You use ‘em, you abuse ‘em, now go spruce them up! (Cleanup at the Hatchery next Saturday)

Also this weekend, rafting is 50% off at Wet Planet if you’re friends on Facebook. That means you’re going on a half-day trip for practically nothing plus a tip for your guide (don’t forget the tip – that’s how the guides make money). Give them a call at 877-390-9445 to book.

If you’re headed out hiking or biking this weekend, remember that Saturday is opening day of rifle hunting season. Consider wearing blaze orange in the woods, and think about leaving your dogs at home.

Have a great day today!


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