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 December 1, 2009

Good morning!

Are you ready for east winds? I hope so, because the easterlies are going to be the big game in town for the next few days. Gradients are light this morning, at .04, but will pick up as the day goes on. I think 23-26 is reasonable by this afternoon. Tomorrow looks like 27-30, and Thursday looks like 30+. If the models continue with current trends, we’ll have big easterlies for the next week or so, with the exception of Friday, when a weak system will either slacken or flip the gradients.

Saturday and Sunday look problematic, weather-wise. East winds continue, perhaps in the nuclear range, but moisture rides over the top of the easterlies. Depending on the temperature in eastern Oregon and Washington, we could see snow or freezing rain in the Gorge and a downright blizzard in Cascade Locks.

If you’re looking to ski, here’s today’s inside scoop. HRM lift and lot are closed today to preserve the base. Hey, you weren’t skiing down there anyway, were you? It’s way nicer up on Cascade in the sun. =) And, Meadows is opening their Vista Superpipe on Wednesday or Thursday, depending on when they can finish it. If you’re looking for powder, the earliest new snow will be Friday, with more moisture (possibly a tropical amount) headed our way Sunday or early next week.

In mountain bike world, there’s great news. The tack alert is on for Post Canyon. No, really. I rode Seven Streams yesterday, and it’s in great shape. However, if you’re the person who’s been sliding into the corners and tearing up the trails, STOP IT. Locking up your brakes may feel cool, but it tears up the trails, and it’s a sign that your bike handling skills need improvement. Be nice to the trails, and they’ll stay nice for you and everyone else. I also have a report that Hospital Hill (thanks again to the Kreps for letting us use those trails) is in great shape.

So, there’s plenty for you to do today, so get up off your butt and go have some fun. And if you’re working, have a great day today anyway!