Wet forecast. 6/1

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 June 1, 2010

Good morning!

We’re starting off with some light westerlies this morning and a .04 gradient from Portland to The Dalles. As a system approaches this afternoon, westerlies pick up into the 14-18 range from Stevenson to Hood River, spreading further east late in the day.

There might be some light westerlies on Wednesday, but you’re probably not going to want to be outside, as an almost-pineapple express drops 1-3” of rain on our heads. Oh, doesn’t that sound delightful? I would almost prefer the pineapple express dropping pineapples, because pineapples, especially bush-ripened pineapples are delicious and 1-3” of rain with the snow levels at 7,000 feet is not very helpful to me. Hopefully you find that kind of rain helpful. At this point, Thursday’s looks not-very-windy and still pretty rainy.

I kinda wish I could play some sort of emergency alert sound, because this is a special alert for mountain bikers and dirt bikers. Today is your last chance to ride this week without destroying the trails, as a lot of rain is headed our way. We’ll see half an inch starting late this afternoon and another inch or two tomorrow, meaning the trails will become mud bogs.

If you want to get in one last ride before the rain hits, here’s a heads up: 8 mile is now open and clear of trees. Knebal is supposedly rideable, but still has about 15 downed trees. I have a report that the Super D course was super-muddy yesterday at 3pm, but I’m hoping it dries out by noon, because I’m planning on pedaling up there today with Denise, and we’ll be sad if we have to ride back down the road. :’( :’( (I don’t know how to make emoticon bikes – just sad faces)

All that rain is going to help out you boaters, but for now, the Hood’s at a happy 4.2 feet, the White Salmon’s around 3.6 feet, and the Klickitat’s at 2260 cfs. Don’t forget that the White Salmon Riverfest starts on Friday, with lots of fun events including $5 kayak races, which should be super fun with all the water coming in!

Have a great day today, and make the most of the dry weather. Maybe we can bake pineapple upside-down cake tomorrow!