Wednesday. 9/25. Gorge wind, Mt. Hood traces of snow, and lots of events for the weekend.

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 September 25, 2013

Thanks for being here all summer for the wind forecast. It’s fall now, and that means it’s time for … more windsurfing and kiting! No, it’s time to think about skiing.

You can get the best darned Mt. Hood snow forecast right here, all winter long.

That’s right. Don’t stop coming just because you’ve stopped playing on the water. The snow forecast starts when the snow starts falling, and stops late in May. Use my snow forecast. Tell your friends to use it. And if you or your friends think this service is awesome/useful/saves you gas money/helps you find more fun in your life, pretty please make a donation by clicking the happy sun below. Is more fun worth $50/year? $20/year? Donate what it’s worth to you, but $15 minimum gets you on the email list (with occasional giveaways) for a year. Thank you for your support, and happy fun chasing!

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Random Morning Thoughts
It’s Chanukah in the dirt world – 8 days of perfect dirt. What more could a girl ask for? 8 free rides to Kingsley, maybe?

Wind and weather and Mt. Hood snow levels (no, no snow amounts yet)

There’s a bit of a breeze out on the Columbia this morning, which is probably making all those fishermen chasing the biggest Chinook run EVER very chilly. The breeze is limited right now by the “chilly morning effect”, a weather phenomenon I just made up. Anyway, as the clouds burn off and high pressure builds at the coast today, the wind will pick up to 21-24 from Hood River to Maryhill with 23-26 possible late, east of Mosier.

Tomorrow looks dry and sunny and lovely (although some morning Nothing clouds are possible), with westerlies at 20-23 early and 17-21 late, probably strongest right here in Hood River (well, not right here in 10 Speed Coffee, but here in town, on the river).

Friday sees the lovely offshore high pressure pattern break down, leaving us with westerlies at 10-15.

I dunno about wind strength for the weekend, because models are all over the place, but it looks like we’ll see a very strong weather system push through (with snow levels above 6000′, in case you were wondering) either late Saturday or early Sunday. The freezing/snow level (no, they aren’t really the same thing, but for today, we’ll just go with it) today will be 4500′, 6000′ tomorrow, 7000′ Friday.

Today’s Gorge Wind
Your favorite beach Dawn
Steven’s Locks light 7-11 11-13 11-13
Hatch (subtract a few mph for Event Site) 13-16 16-19 21-24 21-24
Doug’s / Rowena / Lyle 10-15 16-19 21-24 23-26
Maryhill / Rufus / The Wall 10-15 16-19 21-24 23-26
Arlington / Roosevelt 10-15 16-19 21-24 21-24

The Clymb: free membership. Cheap gear. Temira approves. Click to join.

Stuff happening tonight, this weekend, and other stuff too

Although fire season is technically still in effect, I ripped down all the “Area Closed” signs at Whoopdee yesterday at SDS’s request. The dirt was nothing short of perfect. And in other trail news, Hospital Hill and all HRC moto trails reopened yesterday, about five minutes after I sent out the email. If you’re riding Hospital Hill, know that Inner Woods, Monkey Trail, Hector Connector, and Millenium are all no-go.

If you want to ride to the top via the back side, ride to the stream crossing at the top of Evergreen, go left, and then go right when you hit the road. I believe there’s another way that doesn’t involve the road, and am sure that someone will email me in five minutes to give me directions. Thanks in advance to that person.

For fun tonight, it’s the last ladies Post and Pinot ride of the season. Join the gals at Dirty Fingers at 5:30 for mountain biking, wine and a raffle. Also tonight, there’s the Kayak Shed’s shop paddle at Husum at 5:30, pickup rugby at Henkle Middle School at 5:30, and pickup Ultimate Frisbee at Wy’East Middle School at 6pm. Coming up tomorrow, it’s the Post and Pint ride – be at Dirty Fingers at 5:30 to ride, and stay after the ride for football.

Do not forget: Saturday is free day at 1400 museums nationwide, including the Maryhill Museum of Art. You’ll need to sign up and print a ticket – one per household, two people per ticket. Get your tickets here.

Then on Sunday, Gorgeowned has a Sense of Place lecture consisting of a trip down the White Salmon with the guides extraordinaire of Wet Planet. It’s $40, and half the proceeds go to GorgeOwned, helping you keep it local.

Have an awesome day today!