Wednesday, 7/3. Gorge wind (yeah, we gots it), river news of various sorts, and a busy night for athletic types.

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 July 3, 2013

It’s Pledge Drive Month

Thanks for coming here for your forecast. It’s time for the summer pledge drive! “WHAT?”, you say, “I thought this was free!” Well, it is. But I write the forecast every day – it takes a lot of time and energy. It’s my job, and you’re my employers! Here’s the deal: Every day someone has to pledge. If I get a pledge, there’s a forecast the next day. If not, no website forecast: only the people on the email list get their forecast. Want on that list? Make a donation of $12 or more via PayPal by clicking on the sun, and you’ll be on the list and everyone gets a forecast the following day. Thank you so much for your support, and have a wonderful summer!
Tomorrow’s forecast status: Thank you Brent R. and Sara C! 9:33am

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It’s going to be a beautiful, sunny, windy day in the Gorge, and the overnight temps and dewpoints are finally down, meaning it’s going to be a little less hot and a lot less muggy. Yes! It’s a great day for me to go retrieve my car from the Ruin at Springhouse – my drinking skills are pitiful. I have two and I have to walk home.

Wind forecast

Once again, it’s windy. Morning gradients (for you wind wonks) are .12/.06 pdx-dls/dls-psc. That’s going to be enough for a quick jump to 22-25 at the Hatch and Mosier this morning. Expect a midday lull today as 1) Portland heats up and 2) a low pressure trough transits the PNW. After that low does its thing, expect afternoon wind at 24-28 at Stevenson, Doug’s, Maryhill and Arlington. Keep an eye out for Grant Myrdal’s blue flags. He’ll be out there shooting photos of you windsurfing and kiting all week. Who doesn’t love a good photo for Facebook? I know I do!

The 4th of July will be very windy. I have no idea how strong wind and fireworks play out, but it should be interesting. Expect west wind at 25-29 all day tomorrow, strongest near Hood River in the morning and Lyle/Doug’s/Rowena in the afternoon, possibly dropping near Hood River midday depending on what the next trough does.

Friday looks a touch cloudier than Wed/Thur, meaning we’ll see stronger, steadier wind that may shift a bit further east, sending all of us to Mosier, Doug’s Maryhill and Arlington. At this point, the weekend looks less windy, but still windy.

Today’s Gorge Wind
Your favorite beach Dawn
Stevenson 7-11 11-14 22-25 22-25
Hatch (subtract a few mph for Event Site) 19-23 23-26 22-25
Doug’s / Rowena / Lyle 15-18 15-18 22-25 24-28
Maryhill / Rufus / The Wall 10-15 15-18 22-25 24-27
Arlington / Roosevelt 7-11 15-18 18-23 22-25

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Very Important News

First off, RiverKeeper had another high e. Coli reading at the Event Site. Here’s the direct quote from Liz’ email: “The sample was taken 7/1 and came in at 686.7 MPN. Normal is 235 MPN. Another sample was taken 7/2 and results will be back at 2:00pm 7/3. The Port will be posting warning signage at the Event Site indicating “Water Contact Discouraged” and will remove signage when it is safe to swim again.” That’s just great. Just in time for the busiest week of the summer.

Next, Hood River County is implementing the Regulated Use Closure – Fire Season starting tomorrow. What’s that mean? It means no more moto/ATV riding on HRC land, except in the NW Area (Post Canyon) where there’s a waiver. It also means that if you’re driving in the forest, you MUST carry 1 gallon of water and a shovel or a 2.5lb fire extinguisher. Yes, that means you, shuttle-Johnny headed up to Kingsley Reservoir.

Lots of stuffs to do

It’s still going to be mighty hot today, so think about rafting or kayaking: The White Salmon is at 2.75′ (more on that in a bit), the Hood is at 3.9′, and the Klickitat is at 1470 cfs. You probably noticed the Hood is running white? That’s glacial. You probably noticed the White Salmon is running brown? That’s not, because the White Salmon is (mostly) spring-fed. Nobody’s quite sure, but the kayak crowd suspects there’s been a landslide somewhere way up in the White Salmon, causing it to fill with silt. But that’s just a rumor, and now I’m spreading rumors too.

In play news tonight, there’s Karma Yoga at Flow at 4pm (by donation), Families at Family Man (kid-friendly mountain biking) the Post n’ Pinot (female-friendly mountain biking at Dirty Fingers), Pickup Touch Rugby (Henkle Middle School) and the Kayak Shed’s shop paddle (Husum). Those activities are all at 5:30. There’s also sailboat racing at 6pm at the Hood River Marina.

In “stuff to do tomorrow” news, there’s the annual Kollas Kranmer memorial run from Odell to Hood River (that’s 7.4 miles). And of course, there are parades. Hood River has one, but so does wonderful White Salmon – check theirs out at 1pm, and then check out fun music and kids’ activities going on … well, past 3pm, anyway.

Coming up in two weekends from now, it’s Kiteboarding for Cancer, and they’re looking for volunteers. Visit the event websitefor more information.

Have an awesome day today!