Wednesday 11/4 forecast

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 November 3, 2009

Yesterday’s east winds went from nothing to nuking in about 4 hours. It was cool to see, except for the fact that I was driving past Rooster to a meeting in Portland with no gear in my car.

The meeting was with Meadows, and the result is that I will be the snowphone again next year. So, this is your chance to learn the secret code. The secret code is (drumroll)… no secret code! If the phone says rain, it’s rain (may I never say it), and if it says snow, it’s snow (may I say it every day). Quite frankly, I don’t have the brainpower at 5am to do even and odd numbers, so I just tell it like it is.

Speaking of snow, we’re looking at torrential rain tomorrow, but we’re looking at snow on the mountain on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I think we’ll see a total of a foot or so in this storm cycle. That’s not quite enough to open the hill, but it’s enough for you to go out and bust up your rock skis this weekend.

If you’d like wind, you’ll have easterlies this morning as well as building southerlies on the coast. Tomorrow, however, looks like a south wind nuker on the coast, with gusts over 60.

I’m not convinced yet that we’ll see Gorge winds on Thursday and Friday, but if we do, it’s going to be southerly enough that it’s Arlington or nothing.

In the mountain bike world, everything is good now. Get it today before it rains tomorrow.

And get ready for two events: Every Day’s a Saturday plays in Govy on Friday. Sickest ski movie ever. Also on Friday (and Saturday and Sunday) is Portland ski fever. Go get your pass picture taken already!

Have a great Wednesday!