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 June 11, 2010

Good morning!

There are lots of clouds over Hood River this morning and clear skies out east. Combine that with a .10 gradient from Portland to The Dalles at 5am, and we’re setting up for a good west wind day near Hood River. Give the desert until 10 or 11 to warm up, and give the high pressure a chance to build at the coast some more, and the wind will steady out into the 24-28 range at Mosier and Doug’s. As the clouds burn off, the wind should fill in at the Hatchery, Sandbar and Viento. If you’re headed to the Hatch, one lane is closed on 14 today. The Hatchery itself is open.

Tomorrow looks light, but we’ll probably see 80 degrees, so that’s a good tradeoff. You can try calling Cathy or Dan or Scott for some wakeboarding or waterskiing. With the Columbia temp at 59 degrees now, the total will be 139 tomorrow, so you might be able to skip the 5 mil suit!!!

Westerlies return on Sunday, and things still look good for a big day Monday. If you’re headed to the coast for wind, today looks good from Lincoln City south and the weekend looks good from Astoria south.

In mountain biking world, it’s very muddy out there right now, according to Mitchell, so if you can let Post and Hospital and anything off the 44 road dry out for a day, that would be great. Also, I’ve been getting reports of massive amounts of ticks on the trails, so make sure to check yourself and your riding buddy after you ride or hike. To me, that sounds like a good reason to go skinny dipping after a ride. =)

Boaters, the Wind River’s at 7.2 feet, the White Salmon’s at 4.25 feet, the Hood River’s at 5.4 feet and the Klickitat’s at 2970 cfs. Get out and go rafting or kayaking this weekend – it’s going to be so good, and the river levels are likely going to start dropping after this (we’re done with Junuary, right?) I’m taking a beginner whitewater kayaking class on Monday and Tuesday at Wet Planet. If anyone else is interested, I can give you the details. I’ll be baking brownies to bring to that class.

Coming up this weekend are several fun events. Friends of the Gorge sponsors a road ride through the Gorge on Saturday to benefit… duh… Friends of the Gorge. That indirectly benefits… you and me and everyone we know (and if you haven’t seen that movie, you should). There’s a mountain bike race at Skibowl on Sunday.

Most importantly, It’s free fishing weekend in Oregon, and that means you can cast a line without a license. Back to that in a second… there’s an all-day Steelhead fishing class at Community Ed (different than Special Ed) in Hood River on Saturday. For $17, you can learn all about fishing for Steelhead. So, back to free fishing weekend… makes me think of all the other things we could free up for people to try without a license. Free driving weekend? Free gun owning weekend? Free try-being-a-doctor weekend? Best idea along this theme wins a small tray of homemade brownies!!!

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Whatever you do today, have an awesome day!


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  1. Michael Schock |

    Take a plane out and fly day

    Run a nuclear plant for a weekend

    For men: You are a licensed Gynecologist for a day, offer free exams (sorry I couldn’t resist)

    US President for a day, free use of the President’s plane and secret service

    Priest for a Sunday, listen in on confessions

    Captain and aircraft carrier, bring a date

    * waiting patiently for the wind levels to increase, looking forward to brownies!!!