Tuesday: one calm day, three windy days…

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 May 21, 2019

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Today’s Gorge Wind – these are ranges for the average speed, not a predicted wind range. =)
Your favorite beach Dawn
Rooster Rock wet sand wet tanners
Steven’s Locks LTE LTE LTE LTW
Swell-Hood River LTE LTE LTE LTW
Doug’s, Lyle, Rowena LTE LTE LTE LTW
Rufus, etc. LTW LTW LTW LTW
Roosevelt & Arlington LTW LTW LTW LTW

Gorge Wind Forecast

Not much will happen wind-wise in the Gorge on Tuesday as low pressure drapes itself over the region. Westerlies begin an upward trend on Wednesday as offshore high pressure combines with inland low pressure and a cross-Cascade temperature gradient for three days of moderate to strong westerlies.

Tuesday doesn’t look promising for wind sports, but it does look promising for no-wind sports. Light westerlies at 5-10 stick around the western Gorge all day. Light easterlies at 5-10 stick around east of The Dalles all day. River flow is 288kcfs and river temp is 54 degrees.

A deep marine push Tuesday night leads to clouds on the west and sun in the east. Westerlies starts at 5-10 near Stevenson with 14-17 all the way east to Arlington. Driving east probably won’t be worth the trouble on Wednesday; westerlies back off to 12-15 east of The Dalles by early afternoon. The central Gorge benefits from clouds in Portland and offshore high pressure. Strongest steadiest wind will be east of the clouds, which could end at Viento and could push farther inland. Either way, you’ll find 10-13 under the clouds with 18-22 from (guessing) Swell to The Dalles.

More sunshine and low pressure inland combines with more organized high pressure offshore for stronger westerlies Thursday. Dawn Patrol at 22-26 looks possible from Viento to The Dalles with 10-13 everywhere else. Eastern Gorge wind backs off to 5-10 midday and stays there. Stevenson to The Dalles picks up to 24-28. Friday’s still looking like a big day with a forecast of 28-32 from The Dalles to Threemile. Weekend forecast: currently looking light and variable.

JONES, SAUVIE’S, COAST: Jones Tuesday: 14-17. Wednesday: 24-27. Thursday: 24-27. Coast (north/central/south). Tuesday: 20-25/20-25+/10-15, W swell 12′ at 13 seconds. Wednesday: NW5/10-15/25-30, W 10′ @ 11. Thursday: 10-15/15-20/25-30, NW 9′ @ 9.

Mt. Hood Snow Forecast: on vacation unless needed!


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Hood River Weather Forecast

It’s cloudy out there today and will stay that way. We might see a few afternoon showers. Temps will be in the upper 40’s early and mid 60’s later. Light and variable wind. No rainbows. Wednesday sees a deep marine layer, so likely starts out cloudy. Partly cloudy sky seems likely in the afternoon. Temps will be in the upper 40’s early and low 70’s later. Moderate westerlies. 2% chance of rainbows. Thursday looks dry most of the day with a chance of scattered afternoon sprinkles. Temps will be near 50 early and in the upper 70’s later. Moderate to strong westerlies. 3% chance of rainbows.

Looking for a complete Columbia Gorge forecast? Looking for more humor in your weather? Obscenities? You’re looking for my TATAS: Temira’s Awesome Travel Advisory Service on Facebook.

Road and Mountain Biking

If you’re looking for Brown Pow, you’ll find it all over the place. Post is questionable (maybe slick?) due to rain yesterday. 44 Trails Association sent an email yesterday – they have a work party on Saturday, but more importantly, Knebal, 8-Mile, Bottle Prairie and Surveyor’s are “open with patches of snow”. Logging has begun on Whoopdee, so the main loop is closed. Ronnoc trail will remain open, and so will the climb out. Other open trails: Post, Nestor, Columbia Hills, Hospital Hill, Dog River, Sandy Ridge, Syncline, and Falls Creek from the bottom.

If you’re riding Underwood, please do not park at the trailhead any more as per request by SDS. Continue past the trailhead 0.5 miles or so to the new designated parking area. The cows are out on Hospital Hill, which happens to be private land owned by the Kreps family. Do not take your dog or you 1) endanger the life of your dog and 2) endanger access to the land for everyone. PS. Red Hill Road is closed through June, so do not attempt to ride Vista Ridge!

Upcoming Events

Community events today start with Tai Chi for beginners at 9;30 at the Hood River Adult Center. Yoga Samadhi has advanced meditation at 5:15 tonight and all-levels meditation at 6:30. There’s free yoga for the under-18 crowd at HAVEN in The Dalles at 6, Zumba Gold at the Hood River Adult Center at 6, and triathlon practice at Mayer Park at 6.

Coming up tomorrow night, there’s all-ages fly-tying at Slopeswell Cider in Hood River at 6. There’s a last chance to ski Meadows this season Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Rufus has a catfish derby all weekend, Lyle has pioneer days on Saturday, and Columbia Gorge Winery has a wildflower seed gathering event on Sunday.

There are three trail work parties this weekend: 44 Trails Association meeting at 9am at Little John Snopark. Hood River County (180 trail) meeting at Binn’s Hill at 9am. Punchbowl Falls (Dee) work party with Trailkeepers of Oregon. More importantly, you can dance that off with a house music dance party with DJ Dr. Scott at The Logs in BZ in the evening.

White Sprinter Van of the Week!

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Random Morning Thoughts: on vacation.


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