Tuesday. 1/7. Mt. Hood rain/snow/snow/snow/rain, Gorge wind, and yet another gentle reminder about my birthday

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 January 7, 2014

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Random Morning Thoughts

So, yeah. In case you hadn’t heard, my birthday is tomorrow. No presents or food, please, but if you want to send a note telling me why we’re friends, my PO Box is 841 in Hood River, 97031. That would mean the world to me. =)

Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
My birthday

Mt. Hood Snow Forecast

(Affirmations – “be positive, T”. “You got this, T.” “You can make people smile with this forecast, T.” – Damnit. That didn’t go so well. I must be one of these people.)

Ok, the news isn’t really that bad, despite a rain snow mix at 5000′ right now. The snow level will hover around 6000′ this morning and drop to 5500′ this afternoon and 3500′ in the evening. Sprinkles/snow showers this morning give way to heavier precip around 10am, for .5-.7” water value (WV) between 10am and 4pm. That will likely be mixed rain and snow down low and snow up high, for 1-3” of snow down low and 3-6” up high. Then we see another .4-.6” WV from 4pm today through 4am on my birthday, for 4-6” of new snow. Mother Nature loves me! Wind today will be SW 20 early, SW 35 mid-morning and W 25-30 in the afternoon and overnight.

My birthday starts with fresh snow on the ground and the snow level at 4500-5000′. We’ll see .3-.4” WV 4am-4pm, for 2-4” of new snow. Another 1” WV falls 4pm on my birthday through 4am on Thursday. Now, that 1” looks problematic, as models are showing temps at 0-2°C at 5000′, meaning the snow level will be 5500-6000′. I suspect we’ll see lots of snow above 6000′, but we may see a mix at 5000′. Or maybe wet snow. Anyway, call it 5-8” of snow up high and 1-4” down low. Wind on my birthday will be W 25 early, becoming SW 25 midday and going to SW 45 overnight.

On Thursday morning, the snow level crashes to 2500′, and maybe falls a bit further midday, before rising to 2500′ in the afternoon as warm air moves in over the top of the cold air. During the day Thursday, we’ll see a few snow flurries in the morning, with less than 1” of snow, followed by clear sky. If Wednesday’s 1” of overnight moisture falls as snow, Thursday could be a fantastic day on the slopes, but upper mountain lifts will likely be limited. Wind will be WNW 40 for much of the day, slowly dropping to W 30 in the afternoon.

Friday sees the snow level at 8000′ with 2-3” of rain and west wind at 50mph. I’m glad my birthday isn’t Friday. I think I’ll work all day that day.

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Gorge Weather

Weather check report: probably shouldn’t have done that barefoot this morning. The roads are 1/3 frost, 1/3 ice, and 1/3 bare and wet. And the water droplets are half-frozen on my car. And it’s just barely dripping moisture from the sky. That means I was right. Hah. Freezing drizzle. Be careful on the roads. They’re variable, kinda like the snow at the ski resorts this morning.

Expect the temp to slowly warm to just above freezing in the Gorge today under cloudy sky. Brrr. We’ll see increasing rain after 1pm, and that might be freezing rain up in Parkdale and Odell. Heck, if it doesn’t warm up down here, it’ll be freezing rain here too! Or maybe we’ll get lucky with slushy snow instead. Or just rain. Anyway, hard to predict what’s going to happen with east wind in the forecast all day and only the very weak sun to warm us up.

The cold air gets scoured out tonight, leaving us in the upper 30’s tomorrow morning. Looks like a rainy day all day tomorrow (my birthday). Thursday may start off with a few sprinkles, but it looks relatively dry for much of the day. Friday looks drenchingly wet.

Gorge Wind Forecast

The gradient this morning sits at E .06, which should give us E 15-18 for much of the day. Tomorrow starts off light, picking up to W 15-18 in the afternoon. Thursday starts at 26-30, holds through midday, and slowly fades in the afternoon. Looking out into the unreliable long-range forecast, Saturday looks like a nuker of a west wind day. The river water temp is currently 40°.

Road and Mountain Biking

Gorge 400 was perfect yesterday. Holy mother of god was it good! Syncline was reported as freeze-thaw, so please, people, don’t ride it. And please tell your friends not to ride it. Go ride Nestor Peak (frozen) or Gorge 400 either out of Wyeth or Cascade Locks (frozen and open to bikes, despite confusing signage).

Events – email me if I’ve missed any outdoor-related events

Pickup rugby is at 5:30 tonight at Collins Field. Kayak Polo is at 8pm tonight at the Hood River pool. That conflicts with a potluck at Erin’s house, so I’m not sure which to go to. Also tonight: $12 Prime Rib at Cebu Lounge.

Have an awesome day today!