Tuesday. 10/15. Gorge wind. Events. Seahawks.

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 October 15, 2013

It’s fall now, and that means it’s time for … more windsurfing and kiting! No, silly. It’s time to think about skiing.

You can get the best Mt. Hood snow forecast right here, all winter long, starting around November 15th. Bookmark this page. Come back for snow!

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Random Morning Thoughts

I’m totally out of randomness.

Wind guessings, prognosticatings and musings

As of 8am, the wind hadn’t picked up, but that doesn’t mean it won’t pick up. With .10 gradient across the Cascades, Rooster Rock, at least, should see 24-28 mid-morning to early afternoon. Steven’s Locks will see 20-23, maybe a touch more.

As a weak weather system slides over the PNW tomorrow, the gradient will suffer. Our day will start with light east wind, perhaps as much as 13-15, in the western Gorge, but that wind will fade quickly. By evening, we’ll see W 5-10.

On Thursday, high pressure rebuilds across the region, giving us east wind at 22-25.

Today’s Gorge Wind
Your favorite beach Dawn
Steven’s Locks E 16-19 E 21-24 E 21-24 E 13-16
Hatch (subtract a few mph for Event Site) light light light light
Doug’s / Rowena / Lyle light light light light
Maryhill / Rufus / The Wall light light light light
Arlington / Roosevelt light light light light

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Plain old weather

Looks pretty damn sunny this week, with the exception of some high clouds tomorrow. Overnight temps will be in the 30’s, and daytime temps will be in the upper 50’s to low 60’s.

Mountain biking

Yes, the dirt is good, and yes, the chanterelles are still out. I picked a couple lbs yesterday.

Events n’ stuff – Please email with upcoming events related to the outdoors

Tonight is (indoor) Ruins Tuesdays. Be careful if you’re going: they’ve dropped the $3 safety cover charge, meaning it’s no longer going to be safe. Cebu has $12 Prime Rib with fries tonight. Also tonight, there’s pickup rugby at the Hood River Marina at 5:30 and pickup Ultimate at St. Mary’s church on Belmont.

Coming up tomorrow night, it’s Paws for a Cause at Gallery 301. Normally I don’t post fundraisers that aren’t related directly to the outdoors, but Michael S. convinced me that dogs run behind bikes and dogs go for hikes, and I do also know that dogs can be trained to hunt truffles, which are one of my favorite foods on the planet. So, there. Support the adopt-a-dog program tomorrow night.

On Thursday, the Seattle Seahawks (5-1) play the Arizona Cardinals (3-3) at 5:25pm. Best place to watch is Waucoma Club. Also Thursday, the HRATS have a board of directors meeting at the fire station at 6pm. From 6-10pm on Thursday, the 44 Trails Association has a fundraiser at Double Mountain. These are the folks who brought you the SuperConnector Trail, linking Knebal Springs trail and Surveyor’s Ridge by singletrack. Beats the hell out of riding the road. Go make a donation.

Have an awesome day today!