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 September 30, 2010

Good morning!

This week’s sponsor is the Gorge Challenge on 10/2 – THE ULTIMATE TEST OF ATHLETICISM – brought to you by Crossfit Hood River and 2nd Wind. There are two events. One for humans, and one for superheros. Required activities may include: carrying heavy/awkward implements such as empty kegs, flipping/running through tires, pushing weighted sleds, climbing over walls, digging/filling holes, and/or carrying another person. The great part about this event is that it’s “choose your own adventure” (remember those books?), meaning you’ll have a list of activities to choose from (you’ll see it Friday night), and you can pick which to complete based on what you think will earn you the most points. And if you just want to watch, I’m betting Jeri could use a few volunteers to help out! The person who emails Jeri via her website with the best reason why they should get to enter for free gets to enter for free.

There’s a bit of an easterly gradient this morning, .08 from The Dalles to Portland, and that’s going to be enough for some sailable easterlies today. Head to the western Gorge for 22-25 at Rooster and 18-22 at Stevenson and Home Valley today.

Weather systems maneuvering off the coast tonight set up a marine push tomorrow morning. Overnight temperatures in the 50’s will make the wind light in the morning, but westerlies should pick up into the low twenties from Stevenson out to Doug’s in the afternoon, with light and gusty conditions at the Hatchery and Sandbar.

At this point, it looks like westerlies in upper teens to low twenties will hold on Saturday and Sunday.

If you want to mountain bike, the trails are still in pretty good shape, with a combination of dust and tacky sections in Post Canyon and perfect dirt and lots of delicious mushrooms on Falls Creek, Lewis River and the trails near Mt. Hood. Keep your eyes peeled – someone told me yesterday that there are so many chanterelles this year that the buyers are paying practically nothing for them.

Boaters, the White Salmon is still at a slightly boney but very fun 1.75 feet and the Klickitat’s around 750 cfs. If you want to hone your paddling skills over the next few months, get ready for kayak polo. It starts soon at the Hood River pool, and is only $40 for the season.

Coming up over the next few days, there’s free acupuncture tomorrow at Hood River Community Acupuncture, there’s the Dirty Fingers 3rd annual Campapalooza and customer appreciation party at Oak Ridge, and there’s the Gorge Challenge choose-you-own-adventure, ultimate test of athleticism on Saturday.

Have a great day today!


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