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 September 19, 2010

Good morning!

This week’s report is brought to you by … me. Yes, me again. I’m not offering to clean your toilets today. I’m just offering to brighten up your rainy morning with a forecast. However, today I’m giving free advertising to a good friend, Dayna Reed. Dayna is a master sign designer and sign builder. His work is creative, eye-catching, comes with a guarantee, and lasts nearly forever. You can take a look at some of his work here. For all your signage needs, call or email Dayna. Trust me… he’s doing a sign for me right now.

The showery weather continues today as a powerful jet segment slams into the warm air over the Northwest, drenching Oregon and Washington for much of the day today. As this system moves east, west winds will pick up a bit. It’s going to be gusty and inconsistent, but even so, I think we’ll see a slow build into the 17-20 range today. The westerlies should pick up around midday near Hood River, filling in further east a couple of hours later. There’s a decent chance of 20-24 today east of The Dalles..

It looks like we’ll see more consistent west winds tomorrow, as a low pressure trough moves eastward and the blocking upper level low disappears from the coast. Gusty westerlies blow in the 17-20 range, first out east, and then filling back to Mosier and Lyle.

If you want to hit the trails for some mountain biking, you may want to reconsider, as the trails are going to be pretty muddy today with all the rain. Post was greasy at 6pm yesterday, and it’s no better now. If you ride, you’re going to trash the trails. So, wait until the wind picks up this afternoon and dries out the trails a bit. If you want to watch some muddy bike racing today, the Hood River Cyclocross is at the Fairgrounds. Come cheer on local legend, the Darkness, Brad Urban!

And if you want to drive, the Bend Super D happens today, with lots of schwag and cash prizes!

Boaters, the Tieton is at 1650 cfs, the White Salmon is at 1.7 feet, the Klickitat was at 820 cfs, and the Hood was at 3.4 feet. Keep a close eye on the Hood today, because there’s a small chance it’s going to hit the magic 4 feet if the downpour continues in the mountains this afternoon.

Have a great day today!


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